I often receive emails and comments about budget eye primers
apparently good budget ones are few and far between on the high street
with most claiming that the ELF version is great but not exactly the easiest to source
so when I saw that MUA had released one I simply had to put it to the test.
Again I felt this only needed a mini review - pros and cons rather than a huge big spiel.

The Good
The packaging is inoffensive particularly once you peel off the pink new label,
it looks sleek and not as cheap as some high street brands.
The primer itself is thick but easy to apply and slightly tinted so not only does it provide a base
to apply eyeshadow on top off but it will also even out the tone of your eye lids too.
On deeper skin tones the tint will just blend down to transparent.
It doesn't feel sticky and dries quickly, unlike some primers I have tried this doesn't feel
heavy nor can you detect the silicones - I've tested some in the past that flake etc.
I found it to help prolong the wear of both eyeshadow and liners by a good 4 or more hours
and it doesn't crease or flake throughout the day.
To some degree it does intensify the shade of any eye product applied on top of the primer.
I wouldn't quite put it on par with the likes of Urban Decay or Too Face eye primers
but for the price it is pretty unbeatable and great product to purchase.

The Bad
The doe foot applicator is my biggest grumble, I know MUA aren't the only brand
that use such method but I really do feel a squeeze type tube would be more appreciated
as you would waste less product.
My application tip is to blot a little on to each lid and then blend into the skin
using your ring finger the doe foot applicator would make this process difficult.
Another small point is that the product has a slight make-up type scent
that didn't irritate my eyes but I can't vouch for all.
I do like this primer but don't feel it would be the best choice for humid or hot situations/type weather
but for everyday weather and use it is a great little buy.

In Summary - A fab budget buy primer that is great for everyday use.

MUA Professional Primer £2.50/7.5ml is available from selected Superdrug stores
and via the MUA online store - link

This months Glossybox is a natural edition, five products all of which are made from natural ingredients
cruelty free and the majority being cruelty free too - glamorous yet ethical.
The box that it all came presented in is also great for the environment as 100% biodegradable.

Okay on to what was inside of my box and my thoughts...

Caudalie - Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum 

Caudalie is very much having a moment in the beauty world
and i'm sure many were excited to see this serum in their box.
The serum is ultra-concentrated ensuring the skin never lacks moisture.
I quite enjoyed the serum, it has a light dreamy natural scent and a little goes a long way.
I found it to moisturise my face without overwhelming it and making me an oily mess.

Inika Cosmetics - Certified Organic Eye Liner

I received the shade Sapphire which is a rich matte navy shade
that I quite like, it makes a nice change from the typical black shade.
I found it to be soft and creamy which allowed it to apply easily without pulling at the skin.
It is quite pigmented and works best on the upper lash line opposed to the water line.

Monu Professional Skin Care - Enriched Body Cream

I want to begin by saying there is no way I would pay £23 for the full size version - 200ml.
It's not that I don't like this body cream which in my opinion is more of a lotion
it is just that I don't feel £23 is justified for 200ml when used daily I would be replacing this
on a fortnightly basis and £46 on body lotion a month is a tad steep.
That aside I found it to be hydrating, non greasy and have a pleasant scent.

Figs and Rouge - 100% Organic Balm - Peppermint and Tea Tree

I'm not going to lie I really wanted the Cherry and Vanilla variation but at £3.29
I'm sure I can pick up all the scents my little heart desires!
This balm can be used anywhere on the body you have dryness but I tend to use my Fig
and Rouge balms as lip balms in all truthfulness.
All of the Fig and Rouge balms are moisturising and give the lips a nice sheen,
the texture is a little gritty to begin with so ensure you heat the product up with your fingertips
before applying for a soft even texture.
In my opinion this was the best item in my box.

Philip B - Drop Dead Straightening Balm

This is a silicon free balm that washes out after use.
I found it to be a little watery and hard to control just how much product I wanted.
That aside when applied to wet hair and dried straight it does do what it promises
and made my hair straight and kink free until I washed it out.
Basically I liked it but didn't love it enough to buy the full size version.

So that is what was inside my box this month.
Did you enjoy your boxes?

Glossybox is a monthly subscription service and costs £10 per month
to find out more visit

This post contains a PR Sample box.

Recently New Look collaborated with Giles Deacon to produce a beauty line for their stores.
The collection is quite vast with over 50 products on offer and in my opinion the entire range is
budget friendly with the most expensive item retailing at £5.99 - the nail wraps.
As I have quite an array of products from the range to share I will be adopting a mini review style
so to not bog everyone down with mountains of text!

The Good
Surprisingly both shades are well pigmented and soft in formula.
They are easy to apply and don't pull on the skin,
they also sharpen well and although the pencil is soft it is not overly 
so you can draw thin straight lines with ease.
I also like that both pencils come with various ends - a spoolie and rubber blender,
making pencilling in your eyebrows or creating a smokey eye that bit easier.

The Bad
There is not various colour ways available each kit comes with one black eye liner
and one deep brown eyebrow pencil that won't work with every skin tone/hair colouring.
Yes the black liner is pretty much an essential item in many a make up bag
but a deep brown eyebrow shade will be too harsh for some.
That being said you could use the brow pencil as an eye liner.
My other grumble is that these do not last any time at all on the water line
but wore for around 4 hours on the upper lid, I also found that they smudged easily. 
Also I did find the rubber end of the eye liner too harsh to use on the delicate eye area.

The brow and eye liner kit retails at £2.99 in selected New Look stores or via their web store - link

This post contains a PR sample.

Recently New Look collaborated with Giles Deacon to produce a beauty line for their stores.
The collection is quite vast with over 50 products on offer and in my opinion the entire range is
budget friendly with the most expensive item retailing at £5.99 - the nail wraps.
As I have quite an array of products from the range to share I will be adopting a mini review style
so to not bog everyone down with mountains of text!

The Good

They are cheap and cheerful brightly coloured liquid liners
with a few staple shades such as black.
I feel as they are quite cheap it is a great product to experiment with colour
or to get the feel of liquid liners in general.
Once applied they do stay put and are pretty difficult to remove,
which is a plus on some levels but also a minus if you have sensitive eyes.
I found the formula to be scent free.
The turquoise shade is beautiful with a golden duo chrome effect.

The Bad
Yes these are pretty long lasting but they do flake and crumble
which irritated my eyes so if you have sensitive eyes I do not recommend.
They do stain so even when they flake off you are left with some colour.
The brush isn't great either and is really difficult to use in terms of fine lining
but that can be rectified by using your own liner brush.
Also the formula is really lumpy (you can see this point illustrated in my swatch photo)
when wet which I found odd?

The Indifferent
In my experience this line of liquid liners only have one formula and that is pearlised/metallic 
so if you like your liners to dry to a matte finish then skip.
It really irks me that none of the products in the entire line are labelled with which shade they are
maybe that doesn't bug everyone else but for some reason it annoys me.

Shades featured -Turquoise, Black and Gold - £2.99 each 
and available from selected New Look stores and via their web store - link

This post contains PR Samples.

So Sunday is upon us once more and that can only mean one thing!
Time to add some neglected products to my bursting make-up bag.
On a side note I really should empty my bag...


No7 Vital Pink Cream Blush
It kinda irks me that No7 have labelled this a pink when it clearly is a bright coral.
Anyway Vital Pink is a beautiful shade that really does last the pace of the day,
it is a shame that it was limited edition but in my experience Boots tend to be slow on clearing the shelves
so if you fancy it I would bet you'd be able to pick one up!

Bourjois Bronzing Powder in Olive Skin/Tanned Skin
As far as bronzers go this is fairly light and not one i'd reach for while tanned.
I feel it is quite akin to Benefit's Hoola powder only this is not fully matte.
I like to sweep it on the apples of my cheeks for a little change of pace.


MUA Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 1
I am going to use this instead of my beloved Mac Nylon as a highlight this week.
They are similar in shade and finish but with a very different price tag!

Clairns Quad in Sky Blue
I really want to be more adventurous with my eye choices this week so I felt this may be the best choice.
I will more than likely use the shades on my lower lash line.

HD Brow Palette


Gold by Giles Squeeze Lip Gloss
I'm unsure of the shade as it is not marked on the tube but regardless it is a nice nude pink
that will look great layered over several lip shades.

Clairns Joli Rouge Lipstick in Baby Pink
Admittedly not the most flattering shade on me but I am determined to make it work
and I will!

So that is my choices for the week ahead...what about you?

As I have mentioned a good few time I am a complete sucker for a good neon shade,
the brighter the better although that doesn't apply to neon yellows I have yet to find a yellow shade
that is flattering on my stubby hands and sausage fingers haha!
I may pick up Orly Lemonade or the new yellow shade glow stick?

Orly Passion Fruit is a bright neon pink that leans slightly red,
I like to think of it as an intense coral shade but some say it is a neon red.
Regardless of how you define it is a nice grown up spin on a neon shade
and would suit those that want to tap into such trend without being too bold.

Orly Passion Fruit is a matte shade which is not a finish I favour 
so I tend to apply a glossy top coat on top to alter the matte effect.
Passion Fruit looks wonderful with a multi glitter top coat layered on top too!
I found Passion Fruit to apply well but needs at least 2 coats for the shade to become opaque.
I typically find Orly polishes to last around 4 days before they begin to chip
however around the 3 day mark I do notice a little tip wear.
You can of course remedy this with the use of a base and top coat.

You can purchase Orange Punch from Look Fantastic for £8.95/18ml -link

Post contains a P.R Sample.

At the moment I feel like I am on an never ending "use up the dregs" type situation.
I have a terrible habit of using half a bottle of something and abandon mid way through
in favour of something new!
However I really hate waste and promised myself all those half used bottles will be completed
and I can say my personal vendetta against half used products - halfsies if you will
is going well!

What I Used Up :
L'Oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner
Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Shampoo
Sephora Waterproof Eye Make Up Remover
Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Wash
Morrisons Baby Shampoo
N-Spa Lemon Souffle Body Scrub
Vo5 Give Me Moisture Conditioner
Morrisons Soak It Up Shampoo

What I'd Buy Again :

N-Spa Lemon Souffle Body Scrub - Great value scrub that is really gritty.
Vo5 Give Me Moisture Conditioner - Fab deep conditioner that can be used daily.

What I Wouldn't Buy Again :
Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Wash - Mediocre
Morrisons Baby Shampoo - Not as great as leading brands.
Morrisons Soak It Up Shampoo - Only bought because it smells like Ice Pops!

What I'm Impartial About:
L'Oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner - Would buy if on special offer.
Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Shampoo - Okay, nothing special.
Sephora Waterproof Eye Make Up Remover - Hard to get in the UK

Have you used up any products recently? 

A few weeks ago myself and Francesca - //Delicate Youth arranged a little European swap.
I sent her a few Revlon Lip Butters which she was unable to get in Italy
and she in return sent me some lovely Italian Make-Up that I am unable to get in Scotland.
She done a great job selecting really great products in shades that I really like
and thank you Francesca for the lovely Italian sweets...yum!
I haven't had time to properly review each item yet but I am totally taken by the Kiko lipstick
and can see myself placing an online order some time soon.

Expect to see detailed reviews on the above items in the near future.