I often read American blogs and sigh as they have such great stuff that we can't purchase
this side of the Atlantic so I did what any good (or half arsed) blogger would do in need...
I scoured eBay and found some of the items I simply had to have
and I'm kicking things off today with a beaut of a lipstick!

Admittedly the packaging is not great and a little on the cheap side 
and something about the lipstick not fully being able to wind all the way down into the tube
irks me as it makes me feel nervous about it snapping off or being chipped by the lid.
I know it is a little OCD but I loathe chipped/broken beauty products.
However I can say that so far so good no mishaps but i'm not holding my breathe haha!

I'm sure how many shades are available in the Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colour line,
perhaps an international reader can clarify that matter?
However on eBay there seems to be at least 20 shades so quite a variety for a budget brand!
I settled on the shade Just Peachy which is a neutral muted coral that leans a little pink and dusky.
It reminds me somewhat of Mac's Naked Bliss which was limited edition 
and obviously much pricer so if you like that shade you may what to purchase.
Oddly it also reminds me of a deeper less neon version of Topshop Coy.

For a little over £3 I had no expectations what so ever on how this would preform
but man the pigmentation of this shade is great and the formula is so creamy!
It glide on and coats the lips evenly in one swift stroke and wears comfortably
no drying of the lips nor is there any bleeding or feathering.
I can't speak of all the shades but the shade I have - Just Peachy
is a moisturising Satin finish lipstick, creamy with the lightest of sheen finishes.
There is a light lipstick scent but nothing at all noticeable once worn.
At the moment I have a few dry patches on my lips and it doesn't cling to those patches at all
as a matter of fact I feel it disguises and coats them so one I do recommend for drier lips!
Okay the wear time is average at around 3 hours per application but I can live with that.

On a side note I have bought another four shades haha!

Not easily available in the UK but I bought mine via eBay for £3.96 - link