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A Little Catch Up

I know that they say in blogging you should never explain your absence but I feel in this situation it is the right thing to do, blog posts have been a little scarce as of late and if you are kind enough to click on my blog and read, you surely deserve an explanation of some sort?

As it goes 2016 thus far hasn't been a great year in terms of health for my family, I don't want to go into too much detail as this is a beauty blog and no-one really enjoys a (self) pity part but basically in late March my grandmother suffered a stroke. I'm not sure if anyone knows this or not but I do indeed stay at my grandparents home so this was a huge shock for us all. At the time I coped really well (if I do say so myself) and pretty much switched into pilot mode, helping look after my Granddad while my Grandmother was hospitalised. I of course had all the help in the world from my family and rather fortunately the NHS too. In mid-April my Grandmother was finally discharged and sent home for a long bout of speech and physiotherapy which I can very happily say have all but help her regain her independence once more.

Weirdly once she was given the all clear about two weeks ago I became really down and experienced a few panic attacks (something I'm not prone too) - I actually thought that it was heart problems due to chest pains (and the newness of the situation) but my doctor has assured me that it was anxiety. Stress has a bizarre way of manifesting doesn't it?

Anyway as such I have decided to take a few days off  from blogging and social media (the latter is not through choice my phone has broken) to re-charge, re-focus and get ready for the month ahead - lots of new posts will be coming your way July the 1st so it's not like I'm going anywhere for any length of time. Coincidentally I do have a good few new design elements that will be implemented in the coming days so that is pretty exciting, along with some what I think are great new features and wonderful beauty launches too.

Today I am in Belfast (well when you read this post at least) and tomorrow London and I have charged up my nifty little vlogging camera to capture little snippets - I'm not sure if that is of interest or not but I'm going to put it out there regardless ha!

Lastly, I have posted all but four blog sale parcels - a few buyers did not have an address on file but I have emailed all those concerned. Everything was sent second class recorded (it can take up to 10 days to get to you) but I do have receipts and tracking codes so any problems at all just drop me a line.

And that is all, see you all in two days.

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum

Every now and then a new fragrance will drop and leave me completely besotted, currently and perhaps unexpectedly Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum has a frim grip upon my heartstrings. Jasper Conran is not a brand I am overly familiar with  - fragrance or otherwise - but if you are looking for a new, fresh and clean scent that you will not detect on every second person on the highstreet this is one you won't want to to miss.

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum

Despite being utterly affordable, Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum is beautifully presented in a large crystal effect bottle, accented with soft touches of powder pink - in some ways it reminds me of the stylings of Chloe fragrances, albeit in a larger form? Basically this is not a bottle you'd be ashamed to display on your beautifully curated dressing table - then again I do own and use the 1D perfume so really what do I know?

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum

As mentioned, Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum is a soft, gentle and clean floral fragrance with a subtle fruity kick - notes include Orris, combined with subtle Amber and sensual Musk is layered over Gardenia, crisp Magnolia and luscious Orange Blossom. Although there is no mention of an apple note, Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum does somewhat remind me of the original DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum - the main difference is that Nude is lighter, less "fruity" and ever so slightly more floral based but overall they are pretty similar. I would also add that in my experience that Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum wears a little better on my skin than the aforementioned apple based scent which is never a bad thing, now is it?

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum

Lurking in the background of my photos is a beautiful, soft nude cosmetic bag by Jasper Conran - a bag so pretty that you probably would happily hand over your hard earned cash to own. Well Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum is the gift that keeps on giving - should you purchase the 100ml bottle of  Jasper Conran Nude via Debenhams you will receive the coordinating nude cosmetic bag for free!

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum £20-£30 (40ml/100m) via Debenhams - link.

Another unexpected fragrance find of 2016 comes via The Body Shop and again won't break the bank, you can read more here.

Instant Effects: Instant Lash Challenge

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Instant Effects: Instant Lash; all thoughts, views, opinions and end results are my own.

Patience is not my strong point, especially where beauty products are concerned - I want results almost instantly. As someone with fine, straight lashes I do find myself trialling lash growth serums fairly regularly but do give up as quickly as I begin as they require so much time and effort. If this sounds all too familiar you may want to invest in a tube of Instant Effects: Instant Lash - as the name suggest this does of course offer immediate results but with continued use this can all but permanently improve the look and condition of your eyelashes. With only two weeks needed to really reap the benefits, I was more than eager to embark on a two week challenge with Instant Effects: Instant Lash.

Instant Effects: Instant Lash Challenge

Instant Effects: Instant Lash is a clear, serum that you apply to the lashes as you would a typical mascara, it does not tint the lashes and acts as the perfect base coat should you wish to apply mascara once it has dried. You can apply this before you go to sleep as an intensive treatment or as mentioned, before make-up the choice really is yours and you will see results as long as you apply it daily. Personally I do both, if I'm wearing mascara I will slick it on before hand as I find that not only does Instant Effects: Instant Lash adds additional length and volume (20% extra volume in just two minutes) to my lashes without every turning crispy or flaky but it somewhat prevents my mascara from smudging too. If I'm having a no make-up day, I'll reserve Instant Effects: Instant Lash for a night of Netflix binging.

Instant Effects: Instant Lash Challenge

I do quickly want to mention the style of brush which let's face it can make or break a mascara let alone a lash serum - the large, flexible, soft yet plastic based wand-come-comb gently yet effectively coats every lash with ease ensuring an even application each and every time. I also find that the style of the applicator means you never apply too much or too little product.

Instant Effects: Instant Lash Challenge

As a beauty regular, I'll be entirely honest in saying that I wasn't overly optimistic by the promises of Instant Effects: Instant Lash: up to 40% additional volume and 20% addition length in two weeks if, and I must stress this - applied everyday for two weeks. I can't say that I have personally experience all that much in terms of growth but then again my eyelashes are really long but the additional volume, thickness and great condition of my lashes has blew me away. I find that since beginning my trial, my lashes are by far less prone to shedding and don't feel nor look as flimsy, not to mention they now have a slight curl. I am hooked.

I can also pleasantly report that Instant Effects: Instant Lash will not irritate the eyes nor skin, is scent free and generally a joy to use. I am now in the midst of ordering my second tube and doubt I'll turn back.

Instant and then continuous results, can you really ask for more from a lash serum?

You can purchase your own tube of Instant Effects: Instant Lash here for £19.99  - link.

This is a sponsored post.

Blog Sale Update

Quickly, I want to say thank you to everyone who bought (or attempted to, things sold quickly huh?) anything from my blog sale - I really appreciate it.

I have sent all sale invoices bar three which I will be in contact with via email - chances are you know who you are anyway if this concerns you.

I have taken down the sale page as there was only a handful of things left - if you would like me to update and re-post the remaining bits and pieces let me know and I'll have it live on Saturday.

I have began shipping out the items as of an hour ago - everything unless agreed will be shipped second class recorded, meaning you will have to sign for your parcel. I have and will be keeping all proof of postage receipts and tracking codes, so if there are any issues please feel free to contact me.

Please allow up to 10 days for your item/s to get to you but as I have said any problems what so ever please just drop me an email.

Thanks again!
Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum

If one thing makes me weak at the knees it is a new Tom Ford fragrance launch, couple that with Summer ready notes and the most beautiful rose gold packaging ever and you undoubtedly have the best scent launch of 2016; not to mention a bottle worthy of 10 or so Instagram photos, brace yourself ladies and gents, a storm of photos is a'coming when Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum lands.

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil is a triple hitter - it looks good, it smells great and boy does it last on the skin - the kicker? It doesn't launch here in the UK until August the 1st but at least that does give you a little time to save up and treat yourself?

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum

Where shall we start? The bottle? Fans of the original and non- private blend Tom Ford fragrance dynasty will instantly recognise the iconic bottle - the only difference this time around is that Tom Ford Orchid Soleil has been dipped in a rose gold coating - it glimmers, it reflects and it will remind you of both liquid gold and the heat of the sun. Perfection and if ever there was a bottle of fragrance that is worthy of a space on your dresser it is this.

Now for the scent, you have no idea how much I wish you could "scratch and sniff" the screen - it is utterly heavenly and I feel a little selfish not being able to physically share the lingering tones of Tom Ford Orchid Soleil. As this is a further branch of the Tom Ford Orchid scent family (does anybody do Orchid scents better than Tom Ford?), this of course does have a certain familiarity but due to the additions of the warm and altogether warmer notes, Orchid Soleil does however have a new and exciting energy.

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum

In my opinion Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum is bold, bright, slightly zesty with a creamy dry down - rather than reminding me of the warm days of Summer and beaches, this reminds me of sizzling hot nights, bronze skin and exotic locations. The official note line up is pretty interesting and unlike anything else I own: top notes - Bigarade, Pink Peppercorn (spicy, warm) and Fresh Cypress (I think this is what gives it both the fresh, almost alpine burst on first application), at the heart there is: Orchid (of course!), Spider Lily, Tuberose - combined they are fairly strong but oddly not overpowering and lastly we have the beautiful accents of Vanilla Chestnut Cream, Patchouli.

Let the bottle capture your attention and then let the lingering, warm weather ready notes captivate you. Roll on August the 1st so we can all smell like Bond girls emerging from the sea...

Palmers Flip Balms Review

Do you remember when EOS lip balms first landed? We all scrambled and paid absurd amounts in shipping and handling fees just to own a sphere shaped lip balm, only to be a disappointed once said ball shaped balm arrived and was put to use? Yeah me too and to further rub salt into the wound, I'm oddly allergic to the EOS formulation - there's always one huh? Well round, almost-novelty shaped lip balms are everywhere at the moment and if you are on the lookout for something more functional than fun, may I point you in the direction of the newly launched Palmers Flip Balms.

Palmers Flip Balms Review
Palmers Flip Balms Review
Palmers Flip Balms Review
Palmers Flip Balms Review

Yes the packaging of the Palmers Flip Balms does happen to be a little on the bulky side and as such less than ideal for stashing in your jean pocket but unlike past, spherical shaped balms the Palmers Flip Balms the design is somewhat practical. As the name suggests, you do indeed flip the top of this balm open to reveal and use the balm, meaning there is no need to fiddle around with lids - or in my case misplace said lid and find a hair covered, fuzzy lip balm at the bottom of my handbag...lovely. The flip style is beyond easy to use, so much so you can use one hand and all but feel like a magician (edit - that may just be me and the fact that there was a five year old present when I first tried said lip balm).

Palmers Flip Balms Review

What I rather like about the Palmers Flip Balms is that not only do all three smell delicious (super sweet) but unlike some lip balms they are jam packed with ultra nourishing and skin soothing ingredients. Now ask yourself, is a Palmers product really a Palmers product if it doesn't contain Coco Butter? Of course not and as you've most likely guessed each of the three Flip Balms contain a healthy dollop of Coco Butter alongside Vitamin E to soften the skin, as well as an individual fruity addition depending on the balm: Coconut, Mango or Watermelon  - the latter ingredient tends to fragrance more than anything else.

Palmers Flip Balms Review

Each balm glides onto the lips with ease, is lightweight, comfortable and as you can imagine beyond hydrating - they are almost akin to a lip butter but without the sticky or heavy texture. As they are all but weightless nor detectable on the lips in appearance, the Palmers Flip Balms are the perfect partner to any matte lip product - be that over or under in terms of application - as well as being a great everyday, non-healing lip moisturiser.

Look past the fun and bold shaped packaging and the Palmers Flip Balms may just surprise you.

You can find the Palmers Flip Balms (all three variants) via Superdrug for £4.99 each - link.

Can't get enough of lip balm at the moment? Here is another lip balm I recommend you try.

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