Davidoff Cool Water Summer Seas Eau de Toilette Review


Davidoff Cool Water Summer Seas Eau de Toilette

Isn't it funny how fragrances can take you right back to an exact moment in time? As a super young child, veering on becoming a teenager Davidoff Cool Waters fragrances were the scents to be seen in. Anybody who was anyone had a bottle. As I was yet to as much as become a teenager I of course had to beg, and then beg a little more for a bottle that Christmas. Luckily my Grandmother answered my plight and man did I feel grown up. So grown up that I wore it to the local carnival (the UK equivalent of a state fare) and was over the moon when an adult working there complimented me on my choice of fragrance. Like I said it is bizarre what fragrances can make you recall.

If I'm entirely honest I have long grown out of Davidoff Cool Water fragrances, they are slightly too aquatic for my taste. However if you enjoy fragrances within this category and/or you happen to be a fan of the original, then I highly suggest you try out the latest and limited edition version - Davidoff Cool Water Summer Seas Eau de Toilette.

"Cool Water Woman Summer Seas edition is a bright and decidedly feminine floral fruity scent. The delicate fragrance marries a fresh and tantalizing aquatic note of melon and a soft and delicate bouquet of lilies of the valley. This irresistible alliance closes on a rich and sensual trail of Orrisroot."

Davidoff Cool Water Summer Seas Eau de Toilette is very much identical to the original Cool Water fragrance for women; light and aquatic (it most likely smells how you imagine), it will remind you of the beach and of course the sea/water - hence the name. The new and limited edition version contains a few different notes lily of the valley and melon (as noted above) which does give it a slightly different twist especially on the dry down. It doesn't cloy in the heat and is very refreshing, it is one of the few scents that I can wear in the warmest of weather safe in the knowledge that it won't give me a headache or make me feel sick. I must stress that there is not all that much of a difference between the original Cool Waters and the Summer Seas version; this edition is ever so slightly lighter, fresher and does have a light fruity additional note.

Davidoff Cool Water Summer Seas Eau de Toilette £34.50/100ml via Boots - link.

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Asking for a Friend - Summer Proof Bases

Summer Proof Bases

It may not be sunny here in Scotland but it is humid and somewhat sticky which has no boded well for my foundation. As someone who hasn't really embraced dewy or sheer bases the Summer months are forever a struggle - I want something that is lightweight yet covers all my blemishes and scarring, something that doesn't cake nor look heavy and more importantly won't slide off my face.

In the past I relied on Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation but I do find the shades to be a little tricky to match perfectly to my skin tone. Then there was my dabble with Chanel Vita which is a lovely enough foundation but is highly perfumed and does sometimes irritate my skin. I know a lot enjoy MAC Face and Body Foundation but it never fully sets on my face, regardless of what primer or powder I use along with it. I want to love NARS Sheer Glow, great shades and decent enough coverage but I do feel it is a little over hyped. Typically (and I'm not saying all) BB and CC Creams don't offer enough coverage for my skin needs and again don't always set on my oily skin. What can I say, I'm picky!

So what do I want? A lightweight foundation that covers well, it doesn't have offer a matte finish but it does have to be long wearing and if possible contain an SPF. I want a foundation that doesn't become uncomfortable on the skin when the weather becomes humid - no mean feat but I'm hoping someone out there who perhaps lives in a more tropical climate than myself will have a few suggestions? I have no restraints on budget as this is an everyday product that I will be using for a good few months so I am more than happy to invest.

So tell me what is your go to Summer base?

What's New at Ojon

What's New at Ojon

Annoyingly I have next to no Internet connection at the moment so you will have to forgive me for any sporadic postings for the next few days, I have attempted to schedule posts while I'm away but it doesn't seem to be going to plan. Internet woes aside let me share two new launches from Ojon, both of which are aimed at dry, broken and frizz prone hair types. Let me introduce you to the two latest additions to the Ojon Rare Blend collection.

Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo (£21), admittedly I won't ever use this as it contains micro beads but not everyone shares the same stance as I do so let me explain what it does and who it aimed at. Typically shampoo is not known for its moisturising properties which can be less than ideal when you have dried out hair. Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo is a light yet deeply nourishing cleanser for the hair that contains mini pearls of Ojon Rare Oil which burst within contact of the hair to smooth, deeply moisturise and tame dried out and frizzy hair. It is a clever concept and it is about time that more shampoos not only cleanse but also offer up a level of hydration without weighing the hair down. If this didn't contain micro beads I'd be all over this product.

To compliment the Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo there is Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner (£23), a deep yet light conditioner that is more of a hair mask than your run of the mill conditioner. This thick balm is not only a breeze to apply but it quickly smooths and conditions the hair cuticle, leaving it not only feeling smoother but appearing more glossy and polished. If like myself you struggle from both dry and frizz hair this is one I'd recommend trying, it as close to a professional glossing and repairing treatment as I've tried. I have only just began trailing this but so far it is a huge thumbs up from me.

I will of course update with a full review in the coming weeks but for now Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner is slowly but surely repairing my hair - I can not recommend it enough.

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The Week That Was (21st-28th of June)


The Week That Was (21st-28th of June)

I apologise that my weekly catch up post is a day late, sadly the events of the weekend both newsworthy and personal have weighed heavy on my heart and I took a step away from the internet for the last few days. I am going away for a few days (nowhere exotic, just down to the coast of Scotland) for a little rest and escapism and shall hopefully feel rejuvenated and back to my normal, happy self.

The Week That Was (21st-28th of June)

Going On's - The past week I was lucky enough to be invited to not one but two exciting events. First up I popped along to my local Benefit counter for a make-up master class that involved the new and then yet to be launched colourful versions of Benefit They're Real Mascara and Eye Liners. Typically I'm not a fan of colourful eye make-up but the jewel tones are super wearable and dare I say it fairly easy to use.

On Thursday night I sat down to dinner with the wonderful Smashbox, Ojon and Bumble and Bumble team, not only was the evening wonderful - so chilled with great company but I can safely say it is going to be an exciting few months for all the brands mentioned above. There is an abundance of new and innovative launches coming our way, some of which I have been kindly gifted and will be sharing my thought on in the coming weeks.

The Week That Was (21st-28th of June)

Beauty Rediscoveries - Who ever thought Vaseline would worm its way back into my life? Not me that's for sure but I have been enjoying Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Balm, if only for the SPF protection. I do like the pale pink tint it delivers but won't pretend for one moment that it is my favourite lip balm by any means. I apologise that both the palettes I am about to mention are both limited edition and in most instances sold out but they are all I have been reaching for in terms of blushes. On days in which I just want a light healthy glow to the cheeks I have been swirling on Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (still in stock via Liberty) - I'm not really picky to which shade I apply as all three are rather flattering. On other days, when I've been craving a bolder cheek statement it has been a combination of NARS Laguna Bronzer and NARS Goulou Blush both of which are housed within my NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette.

Recent Finds - Eucerin is not a brand I use all that frequently but two products that have saved my skin have been the Eucerin Ultra Sensitive Soothing Care Cream - a light yet thick moisturiser that has been nothing but kind on my currently hive prone complexion. It soothes, hydrates and does not irritate the skin. If like myself you suffer from random allergies or have overly sensitised skin this is a must. I've also been enjoying the Eucerin Aquaporin Active Moisturising Eye Cream - quick to hydrate yet doesn't leave my skin feeling tight nor uncomfortable. Great for young skin types who don't want nor need anti-ageing technology. I would also like to recommend the new Topshop Lip and Cheek Smudge Sticks - a firm, matte cream that works as well on the lips as it does the cheeks. I have the light and bright peach hue that is dubbed Always on Time! A great little pencil to keep in a travel bag or even to take along to a festival. If you are a fan of contouring and highlighting you won't want to miss out on the new Collection Highlighting and Sculpting Palette - a nifty budget find that does all it says on the tin.

The Week That Was (21st-28th of June)

My Current Obsession - Typically this would be a shout out to a beauty item but I can't get enough of the Alex + Anie bangles, I was kindly gifted one at the Smashbox dinner and have mentally made a note of another nine designs that I want to purchase. Can you believe that prices start at just £19?

The Week That Was (21st-28th of June)

Fragrance of the Week - It goes without saying that Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche is very much the fragrance of the moment. A bright, creamy coconut come citrus blend that smells both like an exotic location and sun lotion. You need to try this, I promise you will fall head over heels.

The Week That Was (21st-28th of June)

Empties - I've finished both my Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm which I will be replacing as soon as possible and my favourite day to day lip balm - Epic Blends More Moisture Grape Lip Balm. I've become quite the lip balm fanatic lately, on the plus side my lips have never been in better shape. The only other item I have managed to complete is Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion - Brightening & Tightening, which I do really enjoy. I'll save my thoughts for the full review later on this week but if you enjoy the eyeshadow version this is a product you will want to add to your make-up bag asap.

On the Wish List - I posted a lengthy wish list here - link but topping it would have to be a bottle of Tom Ford Azure Lime Eau de Parfum. It is one of those fragrances that has haunted my dreams since I tested it out on counter. Fresh, zesty and very much Summer ready.

Feel free to let me know what you have been enjoying over the last seven days or perhaps what you are looking forward to most in the coming days?

Sight Seeing Beauty Essentials

Sight Seeing Beauty Essentials

As of today I am visiting the coast of Scotland - something I have not done since I was a super young child. My plans involve getting lots of rest, fresh air and of course discovering a new city and haunts. When it comes to the contents of my handbag I like to keep it minimal (my suitcase is a whole different story - if I could I would pack the kitchen sink), purely due to the fact I will be carting it around all day. In my opinion comfort is key be it my shoulders, crook of my arm or even my feet. I want to enjoy myself taking in all the sights not be weighed down by an overstuffed bag or worse a blister. Let me share with you my bare minimum beauty essentials that

Sight Seeing Beauty Essentials

Let's begin with feet shall we? I am through and through an Adidas gal, I own more pairs of Adidas Gazelle's and Superstar's than I care to think. At the moment I have been pretty much living in the above pair of Adidas OriginalsGazelle OG - super comfortable, lightweight and I find that the bright blue shade compliments a good proportion of my Summer wardrobe. Regardless of personal footwear taste do be sure to slip on a comfortable pair of shoes when sight seeing, you'll be on your feet for the majority of the day and if past experiences are anything to go by no-one will be all that sympathetic of your rubbing shoe plight. As added reassurance and for the sake of general first aid, a box of fabric plasters (band-aids) never goes wrong - lord I am turning into my Grandmother. 

Sight Seeing Beauty Essentials

From feet we move on to hands and my two essentials are probably things that the majority of us have at the bottom of our handbags - a bottle of hand sanitizer and a tube of hand cream. In all truthfulness I don't care what brand or scent my anti-bacterial hand sanitizer as long as it kills germs and re-freshens my hands I'm happy. I also like to cart around a small tube of hand cream to prevent the alcohol from the hand gel drying out my hands. Again I'm not picky and tend to scope out travel sized versions as they weigh less and take up less room in my bag. At the moment I am working my way through & Other Stories Floral Memento Hand Cream (£5), which is fairly light in both texture and scent - great if you plan on eating using your hands.

Sight Seeing Beauty Essentials

Would you be surprised to learn that my day to day make-up bag is basically empty? Yep I have no more than five cosmetic items and even then then they really have to earn their place. First up I have a mini face brush by Real Techniques which I use in conjunction with MAC Prep + Prime Finishing Pressed Powder to keep shine at bay. I like that this powder not only softens the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores, controls excess oil but it also doesn't tend to cake on the skin. It really is a great warm weather option. I also like to pack Topshop's Cream Blush in Head Over Heels to dab on to perk up my complexion should I need to. Despite being a cream formula it never looks oily and is so easy to just dab on and blend out - it can also double up as a matte coral lip shade should you wish. Speaking of multi-purpose products Kiko Eyeshadow in Shade 28 in my everyday make-up bag - not only does it provide a quick, eye brightening wash of colour that doesn't require a brush for application but doubles up as a great cream highlighter.

I'm not typically a fan of Vaseline and don't think it is the best way to care for the lips but for travel I do have a tube of Vaseline Rosy Lips, mainly for the SPF protection and tint factor. For just £2 this little stick not only protects my lips from the harmful sun rays but also delivers a glossy, natural flush of colour. As it is so cheap I don't worry about loosing it nor it melting in the heat. Being forever the optimist I do keep a tube of bright lipstick in my bag just in-case I end up going out for dinner. There's something about a bright red or pink lipstick that makes me feel more pulled together. I've only just added Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy to my bag, I'll be sure to report back on how I find the shade.

Sight Seeing Beauty Essentials

Lastly to both cool down and stay fresh I have two very different sprays - one for my face and one for my body. If you are passing & Other Stories or placing an online order than I can not recommend picking up one of their Body Mists. My personal favourite has to be & Other Stories Moroccan Tea Body Mist - light, green and slightly minty. Not only does it fragrance both the hair and skin but it helps to cool and freshen. The dinky 50ml size is also ideal for popping into even the smallest of bags. For my face I have added Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist, not only does this set make-up but it cools, calms and hydrates the skin in one swift movement - in an ideal world I would be able to purchase this in a smaller size but hey you can't win them all.

Along with an umbrella (I'm Scottish, you can't fool me into believing the warm weather will last) I do always have some form of SPF on my person at all times. Pretty much self explanatory; I don't want sun burn nor damage and have no qualms slicking it on aboard a tour bus. You just try and stop me - hashtag no sun lotion shame.

Now if you'd excuse me I am off to play the know it all tourist ha!

This post contains both press samples and items I have purchased myself.

Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist Review

Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist

As someone with oily skin the Summer weather, especially humid conditions is not my friend as far as make-up is concerned. I don't particularly want to nor enjoy constantly applying pressed powder throughout the day, to prevent make-up from all but melting off my face so I do rely on setting sprays. I realise that not everyone likes Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for whatever reason so let me offer up an alternative in Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist.

Would it surprise you to learn that I am rather picky in regards to setting sprays? Probably not - the heat makes everyone fickle. I don't only require a make-up setting spray to ensure my make-up stays in place but it has to be gentle on the skin, it can't clog the pores or aggravate my acne. If it hydrates and contains skin care benefits all the better - Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist is all of the above and more.

Much like most make-up setting sprays you apply Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist after you have finished your make-up to keep things in place but did you know you can use it as a primer? Simply mist on the skin before make-up application, allow to dry and apply make-up as usual. Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist has been formulated so it also refreshes and hydrates the skin using rose water and green tea extracts and can be used throughout the day for that reason alone, much like other cooling facial mists.

As I imagine most will purchase Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist in the hope prolonging make-up wear, I really should mention if it indeed delivers. Yes it does, it keeps my make-up from not only sliding off my face but to some extent also offers a little oil control without parching my skin of natural moisture, nor altering the finish of any make-up it is applied on top of. As a matter of a fact I would deem this to be fairly hydrating without overwhelming the complexion. I will admit that it is not as heavy duty or as long lasting as the Urban Decay option but then again it does offer more skin care benefits.

If you are on the look out for a facial spray that pretty much does it all, Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist is one to invest within. It not only suitably sets the skin but it can double up as a primer, facial refresher and so much more. Impressive however you look at it.

Pixi Make Up Fixing Mist £16/80ml via Look Fantastic - link.

This post contains a press sample.
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