Sunday, January 05, 2014

Weekly Favourites #17

Weekly Favourites

I don't know about you but I am fully ready to embrace 2014.
I'm afraid we are only five days into the New Year and I already have a few favourite nearing staple products - I guess it will be interesting to see if I feel the same way in a few months or not?
Anyway here is what has been rocking my boat for the last week or so...

Unsurprisingly Maybelline's Superstay Better Skin Foundation makes the cut yet again, I truly adore this base and urge you to check it out at your local Boots store (it has yet to launch at Superdrug). For £9 it acts like a primer, foundation and powder in one quick step - creating a flawless soft focus yet matte canvas that wears exceptionally well. It is non-sticky, natural looking and a complete and utter bargain. Find it here - link.

Continuing with make-up choices I have been rather enjoying slicking on B. (Superdrug's in-house make-up brand) Cream Eyeshadow in Lizzie which is a light yet warm golden tinged pink that reminds me somewhat of MAC's Painterly Paint Pot. It is a great shade to quickly apply all over the lids but also doubles up as a primer come base. Not bad for a fiver. Find it here - link. Speaking of MAC I have a slight and new obsession with the shade Half 'N Half - a light but creamy yellow tinged nude that goes with everything find it here - link. As my lips have suffered a little due to the intense windy weather I have been teaming all lipstick choices with a quick dab of Carmex which I seem to go through by the bucket load each winter. My last make-up choice goes to Seventeen's On the Spot Concealer which is intended for disguising blemishes but I rather like the light liquid texture on my under eye area. At just under £5 it is a complete bargain, find it here - link.

I haven't really composed a list of beauty resolutions but I have vowed to dust off a hand cream more frequently as my paws have seen better days. Scent aside I am rather enjoying Jurlique's Rose Hand Cream it is thick with an almost emollient like texture that quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves my skin feeling baby soft. Find it here on sale - link

Lastly we have Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir Cologne which I have been wearing almost religiously for the last fortnight - not that you can tell from my bottle as a little goes a long, long way. I would describe this as a fruity yet spicy fragrance that not only smells unbelievably good but unlike anything else out there. Find it here - link. Next on my Jo Malone hit list is the Just Like Sunday candles...roll on pay day.

What have you been enjoying beauty wise lately?

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  1. The Maybelline foundation sounds great, something I could try: I generally don't love liquid foundations but I recently discovered I like matte ones :)

    x Giada | The Beauty Recensionist

  2. I have bought my mum so Jo Malone perfume before but have never treated myself! Im very tempted to though when i get paid!

  3. I'm really lusting for a Jo Malone fragrance, it's so so so hard to choose though! I think I need to go to a counter and smell them all, but I'm really intrigued by the Peony Blush Suede scent!



  4. Oooh I have that filofax :-D xo

  5. Lovely post! I have the carmex which I heard is apparently is bad for yor lips because they get addicted and become dry of something like that although I still use it, hah! <3


  6. I really want to try that foundation!

    Emily | PENNY RUGBURN 

  7. That cream eyeshadow looks promising.. hmm might need to pick myself up some!

  8. I must try that Maybelline foundation!!

  9. Lovely picks! I need to check out the B brand as I've heard so many good reviews about it.

    Kate xo |

  10. Great selection, do you know if the foundation is oil free and silicone free?

  11. Great Post! I really want to try a Jo Malone fragrance, but I am always overwhelmed by the huge selection.

  12. I used the maybelline foundation during the consumer trial period and I loved it... but I got a Lot of blemishes when wearing it. I'm going to try it again and hope it was a coincidence as I want to wear it alllll the time and the colour match? Yes! But I really think it doesn't like my skin :(

    I love the sound of that B. shadow and I really want to try the 17 concealer but it only comes in medium?! I'm super pale but I'm wondering if it might still work under my eyes and mediums do sometime (depends if it's more yellow or more peachy)

    I really want that B cream shadow now though!

    Laura -

  13. Great picks! I tested out that Jo Malone fragrance a few days back and it's quite lovely :)


  14. Ahhh the foundation made your list! I must try it out then! My faves lately have all been lipsticks. My New Years Resolution is to be more confident and do more things that I wanted to do, and before I always use to be scared of wearing bright lipsticks. I thought people would point and stare at me. But I'm more confident now and put on lipstick whenever I feel like it :D

    The Artistically Challenged

  15. Great choice in Filofax! I have the same one :)


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