I often receive emails and comments about budget eye primers
apparently good budget ones are few and far between on the high street
with most claiming that the ELF version is great but not exactly the easiest to source
so when I saw that MUA had released one I simply had to put it to the test.
Again I felt this only needed a mini review - pros and cons rather than a huge big spiel.

The Good
The packaging is inoffensive particularly once you peel off the pink new label,
it looks sleek and not as cheap as some high street brands.
The primer itself is thick but easy to apply and slightly tinted so not only does it provide a base
to apply eyeshadow on top off but it will also even out the tone of your eye lids too.
On deeper skin tones the tint will just blend down to transparent.
It doesn't feel sticky and dries quickly, unlike some primers I have tried this doesn't feel
heavy nor can you detect the silicones - I've tested some in the past that flake etc.
I found it to help prolong the wear of both eyeshadow and liners by a good 4 or more hours
and it doesn't crease or flake throughout the day.
To some degree it does intensify the shade of any eye product applied on top of the primer.
I wouldn't quite put it on par with the likes of Urban Decay or Too Face eye primers
but for the price it is pretty unbeatable and great product to purchase.

The Bad
The doe foot applicator is my biggest grumble, I know MUA aren't the only brand
that use such method but I really do feel a squeeze type tube would be more appreciated
as you would waste less product.
My application tip is to blot a little on to each lid and then blend into the skin
using your ring finger the doe foot applicator would make this process difficult.
Another small point is that the product has a slight make-up type scent
that didn't irritate my eyes but I can't vouch for all.
I do like this primer but don't feel it would be the best choice for humid or hot situations/type weather
but for everyday weather and use it is a great little buy.

In Summary - A fab budget buy primer that is great for everyday use.

MUA Professional Primer £2.50/7.5ml is available from selected Superdrug stores
and via the MUA online store - link