Recently New Look collaborated with Giles Deacon to produce a beauty line for their stores.
The collection is quite vast with over 50 products on offer and in my opinion the entire range is
budget friendly with the most expensive item retailing at £5.99 - the nail wraps.
As I have quite an array of products from the range to share I will be adopting a mini review style
so to not bog everyone down with mountains of text!

The Good

They are cheap and cheerful brightly coloured liquid liners
with a few staple shades such as black.
I feel as they are quite cheap it is a great product to experiment with colour
or to get the feel of liquid liners in general.
Once applied they do stay put and are pretty difficult to remove,
which is a plus on some levels but also a minus if you have sensitive eyes.
I found the formula to be scent free.
The turquoise shade is beautiful with a golden duo chrome effect.

The Bad
Yes these are pretty long lasting but they do flake and crumble
which irritated my eyes so if you have sensitive eyes I do not recommend.
They do stain so even when they flake off you are left with some colour.
The brush isn't great either and is really difficult to use in terms of fine lining
but that can be rectified by using your own liner brush.
Also the formula is really lumpy (you can see this point illustrated in my swatch photo)
when wet which I found odd?

The Indifferent
In my experience this line of liquid liners only have one formula and that is pearlised/metallic 
so if you like your liners to dry to a matte finish then skip.
It really irks me that none of the products in the entire line are labelled with which shade they are
maybe that doesn't bug everyone else but for some reason it annoys me.

Shades featured -Turquoise, Black and Gold - £2.99 each 
and available from selected New Look stores and via their web store - link

This post contains PR Samples.