Sunday, July 19, 2015


The Sunday Girl is a UK based beauty website that is updated frequently and offers in-depth, 
honest but neutral reviews (I am not affiliated with any brand) of beauty products of any nature -hair, cosmetics, skin care and nails basically you name it and I cover it!

Please note that The Sunday Girl is a reviewing and information based site - you will not find make-up looks, I only post swatches and my opinion on how the product/s perform. It has been on this format that I have built this site and I have no immediate plans to change this. I apologise if this seems a little impersonal but let's face it sloppy application skills could easily sway your opinion of a product and vice versa. I don't show my face for this reason - that and I am probably the least photogenic/confident person you will meet. 

I'm not here to sell anything and would not let a sample cloud my judgement,
samples are always marked and further information can be found within my disclaimer.
If anything ever seems unclear please feel free to reach out.

It is worth noting that products should be approached with an individualist view point
as what does or doesn't work for me, may have the very opposite effect for you.
I do tend to mention in most posts what type of skin or colouring such product will work best for
but again make your own judgement, I am far from all knowing!

For reference -

  • I have oily to combination skin and seldom have any dry patches.
  • My hair is naturally wavy, normal in type with slight dry ends,extremely thick and long.
  • Skin tone - I have light/medium skin with a golden undertone, in Mac I wear NC35-ish
  • but I am partial to a coating of self tanner or two...faked not baked!
I test facial/skin care over a two week period but if I decide to continue with a product of this nature,
I tend to do a follow up post around the three month mark.

Testing Periods

Lip products are wear tested over a three wear period.

Foundation/Concealer/Primers I will test over a full week using only that product.

Powder products (face/cheeks/eyes) are tested twice once with a primer and once without.

Shampoo/Conditioner - I have a seven wash rule before making any judgement.

Hair styling products - These will be used at least three times before I share my thoughts.

Skin Care - I will test the product for as long as it claims it needs to be used to see any benefits,
if it doesn't make any claims I trial it over a month.

If you require any further information please get in touch 
with me via email

Thank you!

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