It's about time I update this page, so here goes...

The Sunday Girl is a UK based beauty website that is updated daily (and has been for the last five years), offering in-depth, honest but neutral reviews of beauty products of any nature: hair, cosmetics, skin care, nails and more.

Please note that The Sunday Girl is a reviewing and information based site - you will not find make-up looks, I only post swatches and my opinion on how the product/s perform. It has been on this format that I have built this site and I have no immediate plans to change this. I apologise if this seems a little impersonal but let's face it sloppy application skills could easily sway your opinion of a product and vice versa.

It is worth noting that products should be approached with an individualist view point as what does or doesn't work for me, may have the very opposite effect for you. I do tend to mention in most posts what skin type or colouring such product will work best for but again please make your own judgement, I am far from all knowing!


What camera do you use?
Most of the time it is my Canon 600D with the kit lens - it is a good camera but if I am honest I will be replacing it soon. If I'm out and about I use my iPhone 5s (hurry up upgrade day) and find it is more than suitable for my needs. 

What photography lights do you use?
Typically I don't, I don't personally enjoy the results but out of frustration due to lack of natural light this past Winter, I purchased two soft box lights (you can find them here). I very seldom use them but will say that for the price they more than get the job done and I do like to have them on stand-by just in case.

What is your natural hair colour/skin tone?
Ah so you know I bleach my hair and slick on a little St.Tropez time to time, good for you - I'd admire your creepin' skills. Jokes aside I have what most people would deem naturally fair hair - in other words it is dark blonde, verging on light brown and in hairdresser speak a level 7. My complexion is best described as light/medium - without a hint of sun or self tanner I am around an NC30/35 in MAC foundations. I hope this helps.

What type of skin do you have?
Oily - the only time my skin dries out, is when I'm on a long haul flight or prescribed certain types of medication. I like to think the oil will somewhat embalm me as I age keeping my skin forever youthful...I am delusional at best.

I hope that helps to clear up any questions you may have but if you have any further queries please feel free to drop me a line -

Thank you.