Breaking Bad Beauty Habits

No prizes for what series I am currently streaming on Netflix. I won't lie, it has been nearly two years now and I am still not all that into Breaking Bad. Time to call it a day?

Before we all let out a collective groan this is not a resolution post, was I inspired by the new year to kick start my beauty routine yes but really kicking certain "bad" beauty habits has been a long time coming. My idea is that if I somewhat shame or out myself then I will be more geared up into somewhat changing. Here is what I am guilty of, play along at home. If you get five or more feel free to call Bingo. As a side note I have never played Bingo so I have no idea if that quip is at all relevant.

Picking at My Split Ends
Hopefully this doesn't come across too braggy but as someone with waist length hair my ends aren't all that bad. They are thick (much like the rest of my hair) and do get trimmed fairly regularly but one of my less than savoury past times is searching through my hair for split ends to break off. I know it isn't great for my hair and will more than likely be the result of further damage and yet I can't but find myself picking away. Pretty gross huh.

Raking My Hands Through My Hair to Find Loose Hairs
Again with the hair! I hate finding hairs on my clothing, part of the problem is that I have blonde hair and a penchant for black clothing - you do the math. Loose hair will fall out naturally or when I come to brush it, there really is no need for me to do this, all I am doing is making my roots greasy and leaving stray hair everywhere. One word. Yuck.

Biting My Nail Polish Off
I am one of those people who shouldn't have pretty things. As soon as I paint my nails I am already contemplating picking or biting it off. I am the exact same should I get nail extensions all I want to do is bite them off from the moment they have cured. When you have chubby hands and sausage fingers like I do you really need all the help you can get so it is beyond me why I enjoy making my hands all that much uglier.

Picking Off My Mascara
Can you say rank? I have long, straight eyelashes which I do tend to coat in mascara, sometimes I find myself picking at any clumps which more often than not brings away an eyelash or two. As I have fairly sparse eyelashes (probably due to my picking) it is time I nipped this in the bud.

"Forgetting" to Moisturise My Body
I happily slap moisturiser on my face several times a day for fear of premature ageing and of course further dehydrating my skin and yet I can find the time to slather some on my limbs. What is the point in attempting to keep my complexion youthful if the rest of me ends up being haggard before my time.

Are you guilty of any of the above?
Do you want to confess to any other "bad" beauty habits.
I realise, after reading out the above two sentences that this paragraph reads a little like a P.P.I advert ha! If anyone is curious how I plan on curbing some of the above, the answer thus far has been crocheting. It was one of my New Years resolutions to learn a new craft so to speak and this seems to kill two birds with one stone: new hobby and something to keep my hands busy.