New At Home Manicure Essentials with No.7

On the 26th of December four new nail products were added to the Boots No.7 nail care line up, all aimed at allowing a more professional experience at home but without the hefty salon price. I will admit that I don't nearly take enough care of my nails and don't always have the time to visit a nail bar so anything that can help me create a long lasting manicure is always going to grab my attention.

New At Home Manicure Essentials with No.7

No7 Nail Strength & Grow Treatment £8 
This has been formulated to encourage strong and healthy growth, as well as targeting weak and brittle nails. Boots claim that with regular use this can prevent the nails from splitting and breaking. My nails have no problem in terms of growth but do tend to become weaker with length. I have been using this for two weeks now and have noticed that my nails do seem a little stronger. I would imagine that after a month or so of use my nails should be at their strongest, I will report back but so far so good!

No.7 Ridge Filling Base £8 
I personally don't suffer from ridged nails but know it can be a problem for others. The idea of the No7 Ridge Filling Base is to smooth and conceal ridges by gently filling in any ridges on the nails. Think of this as a primer but for the nails, it does create a great natural base colour on the nails too. I have been using this as a light, everyday polish and rather like the light, nude and slightly glossy colour.
No.7 Cuticle Oil £8
We all know that the Winter weather is less than kind to our skin and hair but I think many will be surprised to learn that it also affects the nails. The cold air can The can be harsh and dehydrating for nails, resulting in dry skin around the nail beds and of course the cuticles. This light and easy to use cuticle oil is a great remedy, it is quickly absorbed into the skin, non-greasy and thanks to the paint on applicator a breeze to use. From the first use it leaves the nails and surrounding skin feeling softer, No7 Cuticle Oil works to condition and restore the cuticles as well as the nails. A little goes a long way too so you get plenty of bang for your buck!

No.7 Nail Cleanse and Prime £8
Have you ever applied nail polish to nails in which you have only just removed nail polish from only for it to somewhat warp and apply bizarrely? Yes me too and on more than one occasion. If this sounds familiar you really have got to give No7 Nail Cleanse and Prime a go. This quick and easy paint on formula cleanse the surface of the nail and effectively remove stains (great if you wear a lot of dark nail polish). It is non-stripping so although it cleanses it does not leave your nails dry and flaky and it can be used in place of a regular base coat. The star product in the line up as far as I am concerned. 

Taking care of your poor neglected nails just got a lot easier!
You can find all four new nail care additions via Boots all priced at £8 each.

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