As one of my lovely readers (Sparkle Beauty Blog) pointed out it has been a while since I shopped my stash and that is not by accident. Basically I grew tired of the concept and felt like I had to do it and when that happens it's no longer fun and in essence utterly pointless. However I now feel completely refreshed from my break and actually want to shop my stash!


Clarins Mineral Loose Powder in Medium (read the original review here -link)
I have just finished my regular loose powder (Smashbox HD) and rather than rush out and repurchase I rifled through my stash and found this monster of a tub! Okay it won't be great for travel but I can always decant a little and at least with a tub this huge I won't be running out any time soon. I am tempted to order a few shades of Ben Nye's loose powder but for now it's all about  Clarins Mineral Loose Powder in Medium.

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt (read the original review here -link)
With all my favourite American blogs posting about the new and yet to be launched here in the UK In Extra Dimension Collection by MAC (I want it all) I have been craving similar products and Whisper of Gilt fits the bill perfectly.

Topshop Blush Stick in Acting Up (read the original review here -link)
At the moment I just want something easy when it comes to my cheeks, something I can dab on, blend and go and nothing quite fits the bill like this nifty little blush stick. If Topshop ever decide to launch new shades I would be all over them as they are one of the best bits to date by Topshop Beauty.


Wet 'n' Wild Palette in Sparkle 'Til Morning (read the original review here -link)
A palette full of baby blue boosting neutrals what is not to like?
When I hit the states I will be stock piling on Wet 'n'Wild palettes and lipsticks!


Clarins Crystal Balm in Crystal Gold Plum (read the original review here -link)
I can't believe I have been neglecting my Clarins Summer items and aim to remedy that by including Clarins Crystal Balm in Crystal Gold Plum into my daily make-up bag.
I'm not normally a fan of purple or plum lip colours but as this one is muted I rather enjoy it, that and it smells utterly delicious!


Tan in a Can
I haven't fake tanned in quite some while and although I partially tested this at some point I never really give it a proper go so I think tonight is the night and I will follow up with a review in the coming days. I'm looking for something to rival my beloved St.Tropez could this be the one?

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy 
With the lighter days I have been craving a lighter fragrance and nothing is better than this delightful fruity concotion! It's uplifting, girlie, carefree and easily one of my favourite scents ever. It must be good considering all I ever harp on about is Alien haha!

Are you currently shopping your stash?