Annoyingly the Wet n Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning Palette is a limited edition palette of late last year making sourcing one a little like finding hen's teeth luckily I found it in a trio pack via Non Pareil Boutique.
Admittedly I paid well over the odds at $32 for three palette opposed to the usual $4.99 per palette but hey ho, fools and their money will be easily parted.

I know I always touch base when it comes to packaging but there's really not all that much to say : it's basic and slightly cheap feeling/looking, more often than not the shadows will shatter over time but that may be due to formula and it has a large transparent window to allow you to see the shades housed inside.
Bish, bash, bosh!

I find it odd that Wet n Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning Palette was released last Autumn/Winter when it is quintessentially one of the best Summer appropriate palettes I have seen in a long while!
Seven neutral but golden tinged shades with addition of a bright turquoise can't really remind us of anything else than a lazy day spent by the sea with golden sands and the big blue sea.
What I do love about all the Wet n Wild palettes is that each shade is labelled with an intended or suggested use for that matter for ease of wear and use, you of course can apply the shades where you see fit as it is only a guide after all! By doing this Wet n Wild have taken the guess work out of creating a pretty look which some may well benefit from?

Wet 'n' Wild palettes are a little hit and miss for me,
I find the shades to be either excellent or really poor in terms of colour pay off and formula.
The metallic shades are often the best, they glide on with ease, provide high pigment
and wear well - typically around 6-8 hours depending if primer is used or not.
Yet the matte or glitter shades tend to be rather poorly pigmented and apply on the patchy side.
They don't fair as well in wear time either around 4 hours of wear before faltering.
Luckily the Sparkle 'Til Morning Palette is mainly metallic shades so the formula is butter soft and fairly easy to apply and blend out, I really can't stress enough how important I have found a good primer the key to making said shades work for me, without the tend to crease and disappear on my oily lids.
Generally speaking for a budget brand the product is a good buy 
and a nice way to add a few new shades to your stash without breaking the bank
but don't expect MAC/NARS like quality!

Wet n Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning Palette $32 as part of "Where's the Party At" trio via Non Pareil Boutique - link