As most will be aware MAC have just launched their Christmas/Holiday collections
most of which is based around various sets, typical of what you expect to see for Christmas
but there is also a stand alone collection - Glamour Daze and if you buy one item let it be the 
Whisper of Gilt me you won't regret it!

I do enjoy it when MAC puts a little effort into the presentation of their products and have to say
that when they do embossed/engraved powders my heart does flutter a little than usual.
The two new EDMSF's with swirl detailing did find their way into my online shopping bag but the shade I want to share is Whisper of Gilt which is listed as a soft peachy nude with multi-dimensional shimmer.
I have no arguments other than it isn't really shimmery more metallic and to add further on the colour
description it is closer to a gold than peach but beautiful none the less.
However you may want to steer clear if subtle, gentle highlighting products aren't your thing
as this is not the most pigmented out there!

Whisper of Gilt is unlike the typical MSF offerings from MAC it is smooth and free from glitter
and shimmer, I know you are now wondering how can it serve as a highlighting product without any
traces of at least shimmer particles?

Well as the finish is metallic it adds a soft focus glow to the skin which is far more flattering and natural
than a shimmer-tastic typical MSF particularly if you have enlarged pores like myself.
Without any glitter you have a grit free velvet soft product that applies easily and without as much as
a trace of fall out, if you like to highlight with precision then I can not recommend the EDMSF's in the Glamour Daze collection enough and out of the two Whisper of Gilt is the stand out shade by far.
MAC describe the formula as a powder to liquid experience but in my opinion it is more like a gel powder,
it is firm to the touch but melts slightly with heat and is very easy to blend out and does not empahsis imperfections which is something I am forever grateful for.
I liken Whisper of Gilt to a powder version of Benefit's Sunbeam and in terms of lasting power I have
only wore tested it that once so don't really feel equipped to comment but on my oily skin it
lasted a full eight hours and didn't present any problems what so ever.

MAC Whisper of Gilt MSF £21.50/9g via MAC - link