I'm sure we all have a comfort lipstick or gloss shade, a shade that you tend to gravitate towards when browsing the make-up stands and as a result you have a good few variations of this hue rolling
around in the pits of your make-up bag?

Well for me it is pink based nudes, I like typical brown toned nudes and I like pink lip colours
but combine the two together and something magical happens.
For me the milkier the pinky nude lip colour is the better but don't count out slightly deeper tones 
as Bobbi Brown do the most beautiful matte lip shade called Tawny Pink (- review link )
that has Sofia Verga staple lip colourstamped all over it!

I'd like to say my obession with obtaining the perfect pinky nude lip stick has calmed but if anything it's been reignited and I balm Clarins for their new Spring collection which includes my current favourite lip shade
which is Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Nude Rose (- review link).
Nude Rose has not left my lips for a full week, it goes withe every make-up look (neutral/smoky etc)
and is just a joy to wear.

Another new addition that has not left my make-up bag or lips is Sisley's Phyto Lip Gloss in Beige Rose (-review link) which is a true glossy rose nude that is one of the few lip glosses that is so pigmented that it gives the same effect as a high sheen lipstick but you can of course layer it over other lip colours to blend your own custom lip shade.

Other favourites include MAC Shy Girl (- review link )and MAC Creme Cup which aren't all that dissimilar,
Shy Girl is slightly more peach in tone and Creme Cup veers more pink.
Both are fail safe slick on and forget about shades for me, they go with any eye look you rustle up
and forever look good...what more could you want?

Sometimes I like to lighten or deepen my pinky nude choices and for that I have two products I constantly lean on, to deepen and/or define I will reach for Boots 17 lip liner in Rose Blush (- link) which is as cheap as chips but goes with pretty much 80% of my lipstick wardrobe not to mention it is a beautiful shade
that can also be worn alone!

To lighten up any nude or pink lipstick I more often than not dig out NARS Chealsea Girls Lip Lacquer 
(-review link), yes the consistency is a little thick but my gosh does it stay put.
NARS Chelsea Girls can be worn alone or layered over another lip shade for a milky pink high gloss finish.
Believe it or not my favourite way to wear Chelsea Girls is to layer it over Boots 17 lip liner in Rose Blush,
it is like they are made for one and other, the combination results in the most perfect light pink nude
and the glossy texture of NARS Chelsea Girls rids the liner of its drying tendencies.

Are you a pink nude gal too?