For the past few weeks, okay maybe even months I have been struggling to find an everyday lip colour
that goes with most make-up looks and is a little more Autumnal than my usual coral offerings.
Truth be told not much grabbed my attention, well that was until I stumbled across the new
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte lipsticks!

I don't really feel the  need to discuss the packaging in great detail, so in a nutshell it is sturdy, glossy
and looks high end with an easy to use turn up mechanism.
The bullet tip features a rounded shape which doesn't particularly add application as it lacks the pointed tip
for precision but as most of us will use a lip brush I doubt this is of much importance.

Within the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color range there is 12 shades to choose from, now of course in an ideal world in which I have a rich spouse I would purchase one of each shade (the formula is that good) but as I don't I settled for Tawny Pink which is a great blend of pink and brown.
It's almost a mid tone warm nude type of shade that reminds me a little of MAC's Modesty without the sheen and is perfect for slicking on and forgetting about which is my favourite sort of colour family.
On lighter skin tones this should lean slightly more brown but the deeper your skin colouring is I think
you will find the more pink it becomes, either way it is a great suit all option.

Matte lipsticks can often be drying which is more than off putting particularly in the cooler months
when our lips are all a little prone to extra dry patches, so to find a creamy matte lip product that is
truly moisturising and comfortable to wear is pretty much a dream come true!
In my opinion the formula is most akin to a gel much like the slim line gel lipsticks by Inglot,
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color glide on in one clean swipe and offer great colour pay off
without being drying or anything like matte lipsticks of the past.
I truly can not recommend this formula enough and urge you to test it out at your local Bobbi Brown counter,
on the back of your hand of course I'd never encourage anyone to put a tester on their lips...eww!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color £18/3.6g via House of Fraser - link