Clarins answer to the now famous lip butter formula?
Well yes and no...Clarins are not a brand to buckle and become predictable with their collections which is evident with their lack of pastels in their Spring collection.
However I am glad that they have joined the buttery lipstick formula ranks 
and presented us with the Rouge Eclat Lipstick formula.
A grown up lip butter if you will!

I warn you now that buttery lipstick formulas will be everywhere come 2013 with brands such as Stila 
and Maybelline jumping on the bandwagon but Clarins offering is just a little more special than your 
typical high street offering.
Not only is the packaging super luxe, gold and transparent but the formula is superb!
A light yet well pigmented lipstick that glides on the lips hiding dry areas and over time banishing 
you of such pesky ailments. Sold already? 

Well it only gets better as the Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipsticks boast a Nutri-Youth Complex which protects the lips against dehydration and boosts collagen, Vitamin E to protect against free radicals 
and 100% plant waxes provide instant comfort and combined they help banish tell tale signs of ageing!
As it is being dubbed an age-defying lipstick you expect a little more in terms of formula and performance
which of course Clarins more than delivers.
The Rouge Eclat formula doesn't settle into the cracks or lines that get deeper with age, rather it glides over
such faults helping to plump and disguise such faults with a beautiful creamy light sheen finish.

I have been testing four shades out of a huge collection of fifteen shades (I want them all):
01 Nude Rose - the perfect light pink based nude that is slightly milky in tone and the shade that has been on
my lips since Friday morning...I love it that much and deem it the perfect nude.
The other shades include: 04 Tropical Pink which is a bright yellow based pink, 09 Juicy Clementine,
the most vivid orange ever and 12 Hot Chocolate which is a dusky purple toned brown that is better
suited to deeper toned but beautiful none the less.
As the Rouge Eclat Lipstick formula is a little slippery I do recommend using a liner with the deeper
shades and find them to wear for slightly over two hours.

Without banging on too much I truly do feel I have found my perfect light nude in 01 Rose Pink
and can see it become a staple product for me...sorry for any future gushing in advance!

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipsticks* £18/3g each via Clarins - link