Candle Belle #MegaMeltBox March Review

If you are a fan of wax tarts and general convenience (and I mean who isn't) then you may want to further investigate the Candle Belle #MegaMeltBox. For just £11 a month (that includes postage), you will receive nine hand-picked Candle Belle Mega Melts. For the first three months of your subscription, you are guaranteed to not receive any repeat fragrances - pretty rare in my experience. As you can see, the Candle Belle Mega Melts have not been dubbed mega for no reason, they are indeed huge - around three times the size of a regular wax tart. Due to their vast size I do recommend cutting your Candle Belle Mega Melts into a few pieces to avoid an overflowing wax tart burner; this is no way diminishes the scent throw. I use around a quarter of a tart per burn and it more than fragrances my small flat.

As I have mentioned above the Candle Belle Mega Melts do vary per month, below you will find what was inside the March #MegaMeltBox and of course my personal thoughts on each scent:

Candle Belle #MegaMeltBox March Review

Candle Belle Parfum de Paris - I have to be honest in saying that I didn't really enjoy this particular fragrance, it was a little too intense and floral based for my liking. It reminded me a smidgen of being in Church as a young girl, surrounded by elderly women drowning in heavy perfume. Delicate this is not with an explosion of Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Vetiver and Sandalwood notes.

Candle Belle Black Cherry Bomb - an amazingly true to life black cherry fragrance, intense yet juicy. If you are a fan of cherry scents this is not to be missed.

Candle Belle Bubblicious - If you have ever as much as chewed a pink ball of bubblegum you will know what to expect! Sweet, pink and candy scented. I can't help but feel giddy when burning this!

Candle Belle #MegaMeltBox March Review

Candle Belle Clove Rock - My mother assures me that Candle Belle Clove Rock is reminiscent of clove hard-boiled sweets she had as a youngster, I of course don't share the same memories - rather I deem this to be a warm, slightly spicy fragrance with hints of clove. A great scent for Winter evenings.

Candle Belle Sweet Georgia Peach - To know me is to know I love Bath and Body Works, especially their Market Peach fragrance. Now I'm not saying Candle Belle Sweet Georgia Peach because it is not, it has its own personality - it does however fill the peach home fragrance gap within my life. Candle Belle Sweet Georgia Peach is best described as juicy, ripe and warm - it will remind you of the Summer and maybe even sun soaked evenings. I can't get enough.

Candle Belle Almond Bakewell - Another foodie fragrance and perfectly true to life once again, sweet, sugary with hints of pastry and cherry, this smells exactly like the calorific treat it is named after.

Candle Belle #MegaMeltBox March Review

Candle Belle Coconut and Banana - Have you ever smelt an inedible beauty product and wish that you could just take a bite out of it? Candle Belle Coconut and Banana is just that, a scrumptious and creamy blend of coconut and banana that will leave you longing for a beach and icy-cool cocktail.

Candle Belle Granny Smith - If you are a fan of green apple fragrances, look no further. Crisp, green and oh so apple based, with a slight candy tone - it somewhat reminds me of DKNY Be Delicious but this is a little more true to life in terms of apple notes. I like to burn this when I'm working as it is so bright and uplifting.

Candle Belle Blue Hydrangea - As I've mentioned above I'm not really a true floral fan when it comes to home fragrances, this however manages to fuse together  a light, dusky floral with hints of warmth. It sort of reminds me of sitting in the garden, chatting to my grandmother on a warm Summer evening. It may not be my favourite but the beauty of the #MegaMeltBox, you do get a selection of fragrances so you are more than likely to stumble across a few in which you really enjoy and perhaps repurchase.

You can find out more about the Candle Belle #MegaMeltBox and of course subscribe here for £11 per month (inlusive of p&p) - link.