The Body Shop Festive Candles

Another candle post? I know, I know and I am truly sorry to be inundating your feed with images and reviews of candles. I'm especially sorry if for whatever reason, you can not burn a lovely candle or two. I promise once the festive season (a.k.a prime candle burning and selling time) is over and done with I will scale back.

When I think of The Body Shop, immediately thoughts of deliciously scented bath and body products come to mind (can you beat their body butters?), quickly followed by a list of things I really need to pick up from the beauty and skin care ranges. Scented candles... not so much? Let's be entirely truthful here, The Body Shop aren't exactly renowned for candles now are they? Well this year I urge you to step out of your Yankee candle comfort zone and give The Body Shop Festive Candles a chance as the scents are out of this world good.

The Body Shop Festive Candles

The biggest grumble I have read in regards to The Body Shop Festive Candles, the beautiful stripe boxes somewhat hint that perhaps the candles inside will be the embodiment of Christmas cheer. Not quite, rather they are plain glass containers that feature a white candle. Admittedly not the fanciest of designs but they do slot in nicely with any home décor style and are a great, suit all tastes gift. A word of warning though, the glass containers are fairly fragile - I'm not sure how (I am awkward and clumsy) but I've managed to break one of my The Body Shop Festive Candles, hence why it is on a candle plate, so do handle with care.

The Body Shop Festive Candles

The Body Shop Festive Candles come in three beautiful scents, each of which compliments one of the limited edition bath and body ranges currently in store. First up we have The Body Shop Glazed Apple Candle - a bright, sugary sweet, candied green apple scent that seriously is good enough to eat. This is by far my favourite scent from the entire collection and I am sure, I'm not alone is saying I wish it was permanent.

Next there is The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Candle, again a sweet and bright scent that has a typical yet utterly pleasant red berry like fragrance. It somewhat reminds me of red chew sweets - it has an almost childhood invoking scent, which couldn't be more charming for the festive season if it tried.

Last but not least we have The Body Shop Frosted Plum Candle - a sophisticated plum fragrance that is slightly powdery yet fruity and dusted with a sugary note. It is not at all tart and a modern take on a traditional scent. I should stress that no, neither this nor the other two candles have an authentic fruit scent, rather they are light and dare I say it? Fun. I would however say that The Body Shop Frosted Plum Candle is probably the most classic of the three and the one I would gift to a more mature relative - be that in age or taste.

All three candles burn wonderfully and evenly (no pooling and they are paraffin free), I would say that all three scents offer a medium scent; by that I mean that they offer more than enough to scent a small to medium sized room. At just £10 each they are a complete steal: large, affordable and scented with a range of fair trade oils - what more could you ask for?

You can find all three The Body Shop Festive Candles via The Body Shop (and in store) for £10 each - link.