De-tangling Hair Tips

A confusing post title, I'll give you that but hear me out. I have super long hair, it has reached the point that it is probably far too long and most likely will be until after the festive period - I don't have the time nor gumption to book a hair appointment. Yes I do want to hack off a few inches but I really like having long hair but not so much the problems that come with it, one such being hair tangles and most pesky of all, those that happen while I'm fast asleep.

A few years ago to avoid waking to what could only be described as a mini bird's nest, I would pile up my hair on top of my head and secure with a few hair pins before calling it a night. Now this isn't an option as my hair is too weighty and doing so resulted in some breakage all along my hair line. As my hair grew longer, I decided that my best protective step of action would be to braid me hair; I experimented with one, big chunky plait and then pigtails. For a while it helped and also created fuss and heat free waves, then one day I noticed that such style had resulted in substantial breakage around the nape of my neck. Yes my hair may be free from knots but what good is that if I am continuously damaging it in the process?

I've switched to silk pillowcases and a long slung pony tail for the time being. The ponytail doesn't seem to be causing any tension nor wear and tear to my hair, well thus far anyway; I can also vouch that silk pillowcases are not only luxurious (I feel so fancy tucked up in my bed at night) but do seem to do a great job at preventing frizz. I am however on the lookout for other suggestions.

Do you have any tips on how to keep long hair relatively tangle free while you sleep that is gentle to the locks too? I'm at my wits end and will most likely try anything, and yes I promise that once the festive period is over, I'll drag myself along to my hairdresser and cut my hair from butt length to waist length.