The Weird Things Beauty Bloggers Do

Yesterday I answered the door to a delivery man with zero make up on, other than the most elaborate, glittery, fluttery eyelashes you have ever seen. Perhaps not the oddest thing I have ever done but quite the sight when coupled with red, plaid pyjamas. I've long gave up explaining what I do as a living to bemused bystanders but it has got me thinking about the things us bloggers do, activities we consider utterly normal and may seem bizarre to those out with the bubble...

The Weird Things Beauty Bloggers Do

1, Your good hand - yes you've heard about having a favoured brow or side but I know most beauty bloggers also have the one hand they prefer to paint the nails on. Sometimes I may forget I have only painted one set of nails and venture into the outside world, leaving others wondering if it is a new trend I am trying or if I have simply ran out of nail polish remover.

2, Chapped lips due to lip swatches, because when you are a beauty blogger dried out lips is an all year round and all to real hazard (and probably the reason we all champion lip balms).

3, Buying things because it's rude not to make the most of the 3 for 2 offer, despite the fact you don't need another pink based nude matte lipstick but free is free after all.

4, Referring to other bloggers as their screen names and getting a little flustered when someone corrects you.

5, You might never have a pen to hand but you are always good for an eye liner or two.

6, You don't worry about your bank card ever being declined because you can most likely pay for your beauty purchases using the points you have built up over the years on various store cards. Who's laughing now?

7, Getting a little too enthusiastic when talking about new launches and of course beauty deals, to the degree you sound like you are presenting on QVC (seriously my dream job).

8, Buying candles/palettes/general beauty products not to use and enjoy but rather to admire, and maybe, just maybe strategically place as a prop in the odd photo or two.

9, Not being able to do your make up in the morning without a running commentary..."I'm just going to pop a little bronzer on the high points of my face, because I'm Scottish and tans are seldom real in these parts of the woods."

10, Panicking and I mean straight up sweating like you have a fever when certain MAC Collections launch. I mean what will you do if you don't snag that bright, red lipstick that you already own but under the guise of a different name? No, seriously what will you do.

The Weird Things Beauty Bloggers Do

Blogging - there's no hobby or vocation quite like it, is there and I'm guilty of all of the above and more...