The Week That Was

So I'm back and rested, it really is amazing what a little break for the norm can do for your head space. I really do feel like I've been given a shake and mentally feel like I can take on the world. I've been eating better, exercising and generally working my butt off and couldn't feel better - my skin is looking well and blemishes are drying up. I may have finally cracked this whole looking after yourself and the work/life balance. Before I come across as too preachy and annoying let me share my week in beauty events, products and general going ons...

Going On's - For the vast majority of the week I was visiting the coast of Scotland which when you live in Glasgow like I do it really is only an hour or so drive away. None the less it was nice to get away for a few days, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm looking forward to my America trip but more on that come a later date.

Beauty wise it was a lovely week, I had dinner with the Jo Malone team to catch up and of course discuss new launches. You can read all about the upcoming fragrance release of Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne here - link.

I also popped along to the Debenhams A/W Beauty Show Case on Thursday to get a sneak peek into all that is new and upcoming within the beauty world. If I am entirely honest most of the products featured I have already reviewed and featured but I did get to test out the Korres Lily of the Valley range. An instant want slash need if you ask me.

The Week That Was

Beauty Rediscoveries - I apologise if this section of the post is fairly bland as I was away from home so I didn't quite have the full extent of my stash to play around with. I did however make full use of the once neglected Sophie La Giraffe Protection Cream which is a great organic multi-purpose cream. It not only soothes and moisturises but protects the skin from the elements too.

Collection Field Day Lipstick in shade 2 Tulip has quickly become my go to wash of colour once again - a light muted pink that leans slightly coral and brightens up my lightly tanned complexion rather well. At just £3 you need to try it.

Lastly I do think I would have been a little lost this last week had I not had a bottle of Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water to hand. A quick cooling facial mist that doesn't irritate my skin yet leaves it feeling deeply refreshed and comfortable. I can not recommend it enough, especially for the currently muggy weather.

The Week That Was

Recent Finds - If you try one matte lip product this Summer let it be Collection Work the Colour Matte Lip Butter. Yes they do look a little similar to the Revlon Color Burst Matte Balms, heck they even apply in a similar manner yet I much prefer the colour choice and dare I say price point of the Collection Work the Colour Matte Lip Butters. At just £2.99 a shade they really are worth trying out once they launch later this month. I will be sure to pop a full review in the coming days.

I'd also love to recommend the new Vegas Nay for Eylure eyelashes, it has been a while since false eyelashes have really appealed to me but this collection has me looking for excuses to glue a strip or two on.

The Week That Was

My Current Obsession - Voluspa Candles, my home just doesn't feel quite as homely if I don't have a scent or two flickering away in the background. I am more than hooked on Voluspa Suede Blanc - which is fresh yet somewhat reminiscent of a typical aftershave scent. If you try one candle brand let it be this. You can shop the entire range here - link.

Empties - Like I said I was away for the week so no empties but no doubt I will more than make up for this next week.

The Week That Was

Fragrance of the Week - The light, airy and super clean scent of Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum has been scenting my week. I love that it doesn't turn in the heat and is weirdly refreshing. If you enjoy clean scents this is one to investigate, you can read my full review - link.

On the Wishlist - I'm been thinking non-stop about the China Glaze Electric Nights Nail Collection, bright, neon shades that will be perfect for the entire Summer. Should I take the plunge and order a few? 

What have you been enjoying lately?