I hasten to add that this post is not America specific, it just so happens that 99.9% of the products and brands that I want and can not have are based in the States...

You know the drill, you are scrolling through the likes of Instagram and stumble on a product that you must have, only to discover it is exclusive to Sephora. Soul crushing. I know what you are thinking, Sephora now ship to the UK and other territories - true but certain brands are some what embargoed meaning unless you are due a visit to good ol' US of A (or anywhere else that has a Sephora) chances are you are going to go without.

I've been told that Sephora was indeed in the UK around 10 years ago (correct me if I'm wrong) and didn't do as well as anticipated. I totally understand cutting your losses and moving on but if ever there was a time to re-launch within the UK it is now. I could all but guarantee that Sephora on a main British high street would do phenomenally well and could become a somewhat tourist attraction. Ask yourself this if Sephora opened in London next week would you not try your darnedest to visit at some point? I know I'd book train tickets.

In the same vain, I also ask why Bath and Body Works has not ventured into Europe full stop? If ever a brand could give both the Body Shop and the likes of Yankee Candle a run for their money it is B&BW. If I am entirely honest I'd be more excited to see a B&BW store within the UK and Ireland, over Sephora but then again I do enjoy candles and hand sanitiser more than any normal person should.

It also confuses me greatly that Wet 'n' Wild have expanded into Ireland but nowhere else? I could not tell you how many people Google my blog for swatches and in general ask how to get their palettes. Whenever I am in the US I will spend hours in "Drugstores" tracking down all my favourites. If you ever get the chance to try Wet 'n' Wild make-up do it - the lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes are well worth purchasing.

I've gave up second guessing the logic behind beauty brands as in truthfulness it is a little boggling - maybe there are international restrictions in place and a whole lot of red tape? Or maybe lesser known to the mainstream brands do not sell as well as hoped - it seems Boots have dropped Sinful Colors nail polishes after a fairly short run? Who knows all I know is that not being able to have a product makes it all the more irresistible.

What are your thoughts? Is the grass greener on the other side in terms of international and hard to come by cosmetic brands, or is it a case of wanting what we can not have (with ease)?