The Best Beauty Pencil Sharpener

You know the drill, you have a well loved eye or lip liner that you live in fear of sharpening as you have yet to find the ideal tool for the job. I've had sharpeners that all but maul my pencils leaving me with next to no product, fear of the pencil going blunt again and a through the roof level of stress. I've bought about every brand name of pencil sharpener going from the pricey but slick MAC version to the budget friendly Superdrug offering - alas nothing has been all that satisfactory.

I know I am not alone, every time I ask a friend what their recommendation would be to squash this problem once and for all, I am greeted with "I'll let you know when I find out".  It seems like some of us are just destined to have blunt or managed pencils ha!

So come on, help a friend out - do you have any tricks like chilling your pencils before sharpening or the dream sharpener itself. I eagerly await your answers as it is the one tool I have yet to find my perfect version of!