Weekly Favourites #76

If ever there was a day to upload your weekly favourites a little late it has to be a Bank Holiday Monday. I am treating today like an additional Sunday and catching up on all the things I failed to do throughout the weekend. Today I have a little selection of products that have been in rotation all week long...

Weekly Favourites #76

My skin has been rather dry lately and for no real apparent reason, I am chalking it up to the change of seasons and hoping it returns to normal soon. Until then I have found that a weekly treatment mask in the form Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask  (£23 via Boots) to be rather beneficial. My skin laps up the excess hydration, feels plump, soft and the best part is it does not break me out. If you suffer from dry skin, occasionally or in general this is one to keep at hand - it does all says on the tin and more!

I have been teaming this with Elemis Hydra-Nourish Night Cream (£42 via House of Fraser) and would recommend it to all with dry skin and/or mature skin. When I showed my mother my suddenly dry skin this is what she thrust my way, both my sister and mother swear by it and have extremely dried out skin. Although a thick cream, it absorbs quickly, doesn't overwhelm and is packed with Hyrdaluronic Acid to really moisturise the skin, all in all a great night cream.

Weekly Favourites #76

As someone who forever wears pink or coral blush I am surprised by how much I enjoy Hourglass Ambient Light Blush in Mood Exposure (£28 via Space.NK) - a bronze come plum hue, that is oddly flattering and perfect for everyday wear. If you enjoy Benefit Dallas Blush but want something with a little more life and dare I say it luminosity this is the shade for you.

. For the few evenings I ventured out in the last week I have been mostly relying on MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus - a bright, punchy, almost neon pink lipstick that is perfect for the warm weather. It is easily one of my favourite Viva Glam offerings ever.

My eye make-up has been rather simple, on the most part it has just been lashings of mascara hidden behind sunglasses but every now and then I reach for Seventeen Eye Eye Eyeshadow in Funfair - a pinky gold tinged bronze that opens and brightens my blue eyes. At just £3.89 it is a snip and the colour doubles up as a blush too!

Slowly but surely D&G Light Blue Sunset in Salina Eau de Toilette (£42 via Debenhams) has become my go to fragrance - a light, fresh and slightly citrus based scent that could not be more ideal for the Spring. I can not recommend it enough if you are looking for something to wear all day, everywhere regardless of the situation.

What have you been enjoying lately?