Weekly Favourites #74

The Easter break always leaves me a little out of sorts, first of all it is now Tuesday and most certainly feels like a Monday and if I see one more piece of Chocolate I may just be sick. In case you are wondering I well and truly indulged! A little later than normal is my weekly favourites, which if I do say so myself if jam packed with some great goodies...

- Yes, my blog post on the Diptyque Scented Oval in Rosefolia has only just went live but I have had it hanging within my wardrobe for a week now. I never tire of opening the doors to be greeted with the rose yet green scent. At £32 it is not cheap but it a little piece of luxury that more than keeps my clothing fresh and pops a smile on my face each morning - for that alone it is worth the splurge.

- My acne seems to have well and truly settled down, there is no large cystic blemishes to speak of but annoyingly something has irritated one side of my jaw. For the last few days I have had a plethora of teeny, tiny whitehead blemishes which itch like crazy. To soothe, calm and hopefully heal a little quicker I have been slicking on a combination of Heal Gel Intense and Clarins Sensitive Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate. The duo seems to be working as the redness and irritation has died down, if only the little blighters would hurry up and disappear!

- Have you tried the new additions to the Bobbi Brown lipstick collection - Monday to Sunday Lips? There is brand spanking new shades across three of the best selling formula's, some of which are limited edition so you will have to move quickly. My current favourite has to be Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in Pink Violet - a bright yet sheer pink that really perks up my complexion and allows me to skip eyeshadow should I wish.

- One of the best highlighters I have ever come across has to be Elizabeth Arden Sunkissed Pearls Bronzer and Highlighter in Deep Pearl 02. This palette contains two bronzing sections and a highlight, as nice as the bronzers are the highlight/blush is what really sells this. A pretty pink come coral shade that can be lightly dusted on to add a little luminosity to the skin or can be applied in layers for a more flushed look. I can not get enough, the formula is also wonderful - a gel like powder. 

- Each night before crawling into bed I have been slicking on a generous amount of Sophie La Giraffe Baby Protection Cream, to both my hands and feet. This thick cream quickly soaks into the skin moisturising and soothing as it goes, as it has been created for babies it is kind to the skin and pretty much fragrance free. It seems to be working as a good few people have commented on how soft and silky my hands both look and feel. 

What have you been enjoying lately?