Diptyque Scented Oval in Rosefolia

I will shoot straight and state that the Diptyque Scented Ovals are not an entirely new concept, they have been around for sometime and have a loyal fan base. They are however new and rather very exciting to me - as a child my Grandmother was a huge fan of scented drawer lining paper and this is exactly what the Diptyque Scented Ovals remind me of, all be it in a more sophisticated form. Yes it is rather twee and some may say entirely unnecessary but perfect for keeping clothes stash away smelling great for months on end. 

"A disc - a white porcelain oval medallion capturing the scented wax, exudes the same fragrance. This decorative and fragrant object, an original Diptyque creation attached to a cotton loop bearing the line's signature, is designed to be hung in a wardrobe or buried in a drawer, releasing the aromas of this French garden for months on end."

Diptyque Scented Oval in Rosefolia

Not only does the Diptyque Scented Oval in Rosefolia look great; white, clean and rather sophisticated if I do say so myself but it smells extraordinary, if you are a fan of rose based scents then this is one you will want to try - be it in candle (you simply have to see the packaging for the candle, it is incredible), fragrance or disc form. Diptyque Rosefolia does of course contain a rose note, Turkish Rose Absolute no less which is softened by a hint of Geranium. The refreshing and somewhat crisp green note is provided in the form of Galbanum, together they fuse to create a bright, Spring ready scent that is both uplifting and invigorating. The above mention of a French Garden couldn't be more apt. I don't often indulge in Diptyque fragrances but Rosefolia is one scent I want, no need more of! I can't have my clothes smelling better than me, now can I?

Diptyque Scented Oval in Rosefolia £34 via John Lewis - link.

This post contains a press sample.