A Week Long Spending Ban with TSB

Recently I was challenged by TSB to embark on a week long spending ban, as someone who is utterly careless and frivolous with money I agreed, in order to see if my woeful shopping habits could be tamed. Rather than zipping my purse completely shut and banishing my bank card to the freezer, TSB asked me to cut out one unnecessary yet regular purchase. I don't drink, I don't frequent coffee shops and aside from the odd takeaway I don't really splurge on food, this left my all too frequent trots around the beauty aisles the first to go. How hard could it really be?

I should point out that I am only too happy to take a jaunt around the beauty aisles of Boots, Superdrug, The House of Fraser - you name it as long as they stock lipstick I'm there; adding random and new beauty launches to my basket. Those £2 and £3 purchases may seem like a bargain but they quickly amount up and before you know it, you are handing over the best part of £50. Great if it is only the occasional haul or treat - pricey and utterly senseless when you are doing it on a weekly basis. As a beauty blogger I have more make up than I'll ever use, adding more to the ever growing mount is not only wasteful but an expensive habit. One that I am keen to break but easier said than done when your job is essentially make-up.

I sat down and made a plan, if I have a shade similar at home that is unloved be it a blush, lipstick or eye product then I simply do not purchase it on a whim. New launches are slightly trickier as like I said make-up is my vocation, rather than hauling the entire collection I now aim to only purchase the stand out items and/or products that I know I'll get a lot of use from. I also aim to utilise store cards in which you collect points to use against purchases as often as I possibly can. Last Monday I treated myself to a whole range of goodies using Superdrug points and felt like I won in more ways than one.

For those with curious minds I am attempting to set foot on to the property market in the next year or so, it really is a case of every penny counts. After a little research and chat with TSB I have decided that a Cash ISA from TSB is a great option and opportunity - you can save up to £15,000 (it changes each year) Tax Free. This in essence means any interest you gain from saving with an ISA will not be taxed. You can learn/read more here - link.

Myself and TSB now challenge you to give up spending on one less than essential item, to see just how much you can save with minimal effort.

I was compensated for this post.