Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks

Smoothies, green juices and other healthy drinks are everywhere at the moment - all promising to cure various ailments. Do I fully buy into the premise? No but I do personally believe there is far worse things to slurp down along with my lunch such as fizzy drink, so it is safe to say I am open to the idea. I do feel more brands should be crystal clear with what is exactly inside each health drink, how frequently you would have to consume said elixir to reap the rewards. So far few fit the bill (I do like Innocent drinks as a side note) but I can recommend Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks : they taste great, are well marked in terms of ingredients. The main downsides are that they are not the easiest drinks to get your hands on,  unless you live near a Selfridges store (or don't mind ordering online) and cost £2.99 each. It could be argued that the price isn't that outrageous considering how much a coffee can cost!

The Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks come in four flavours, some do take a little more getting used to than others but all in all nothing is offensive in terms of taste. All four options are free from refined sugar, don't need to be refrigerated and are safe for celiacs, diabetics and pregnant women. The four flavours/varieties as are follows:

Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks

Anti-Ageing - this contains Pomegrante, Raspberry, Hibiscus, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Orange Fibre, Citrulline, Natural Olive Fruit and Vitamins C and E. This has a natural berry taste and has been blended to help firm the skins elasticity. Obviously it is going to take more than one drink to boost the skin, Beauty & Co recommend one drink daily for 56 days to see results. A huge commitment but if you happen to like the taste I can't imagine it to be too much of a struggle.

Detox - this is the drink that I am currently trying to commit to, it does taste quite leafy - almost like lettuce but I do feel that it may benefit me in the long run, should I stick with it. This contains: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber, Spirulina Algae, Artichoke, Orange Fibre, Broccoli, Dandelion, Spinach, Mint, Nettle, Citrulline, Natural Olive Fruit Extract, Resveratrol, Zinc and Vitamin C - in other words a really comprehensive green blend. The idea behind this is that it can purify the skin and digestive skin of toxins. As someone with problematic skin I am keen to see if this could help. I should stress that a blended health drink as much as it contains real vitamins and minerals it is not a substitute for a healthy diet - rather it should be seen as a booster if anything.

Radiance - obviously this has been created to illuminate and resolve dull skin, perhaps something to keep in mind for next Winter? It also can help protect the skin in the long run against internal and external damage - this could be ideal for city dwellers? The Radiance blend contains: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Red Grape, Rosehip, Green Tea, Orange Fibre, Aloe Vera, Citrulline, Natural Olive Fruit Extract, Resveratrol, Zinc and Vitamins B7, B3, A and C. I can't quite put my finger on what this tastes like - almost strawberry like yet fresher. It is not at all unpleasant and rather easy to drink.

Vitality - if like myself you find sleep to be an almost rare occurrence this may be of interest as it has been blended to energise not only the skin but also the body and mind. Think of it as a healthy Lucozade - something to put a little pep in your step yet not loaded with sugar. This pineapple flavoured drink contains: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Pineapple, Ginkgo Biloba, Guarana, Orange Fibre, Green Tea, Baobab, Lemongrass, Citrulline, Coenzyme Q10, Resveratrol, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamins C, B6, B12 and Provitamin A.

Like I touched on above the Beauty & Go drinks are not intended to be your only dose of fruit, vegetables and minerals each day - rather it is a good idea to view them as a supplement. Yes, each drink does contribute to one of your five a day but they are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. I am trying to incorporate the Detox blend into my diet in the hope of better skin, other than that the ready made beauty style drinks are an if and when I remember concept for me.

So where do you stand on beauty drinks? Yay or nay?

The Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks cost £2.99 each for 250ml via Selfridges.

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