Paul Mitchell The Original Choice

I live in a really small rural area of Glasgow, meaning that growing up I went to the same hairdresser religiously - year in, year out. Looking back said salon wasn't particularly great, nor talented but then again it was local and as a child I was a loyal supporter of the chin length bob - chic now, convenient for my Mother back then. One thing that does forever resonate within my mind is the huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner at the sinks, as a 3ft child they seemed like the things of giants and not for us mere mortals. I dreamt of being a sophisticated woman with those huge hulking bottles in my shower caddy rather than Johnson's No More Tears! My local salon was and still is a Paul Mitchell retailer and nothing quite takes me back to being a giddy child, pleading with my Mother for a perm and/or blue dip dyed ends (do you recall when this was all the range?) like the scent of the Paul Mitchell Original Shampoo.

As you may or may not be aware the Paul Mitchell Original Collection comprises of three products, all of which have been around for thirty five years now: Paul Mitchell Shampoo One which is a gentle cleanser suitable for all hair types, complete with a beautiful fresh and very realistic coconut scent. This is what my hairdresser would suds up my hair with as a child, I can't help but giggle when using this as a woman in her twenties. Isn't it funny how one fragrance can take you back and how full circle things can become? If you prefer a deeply cleansing shampoo, then you may want to try out Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two which is a lemon scented clarifying shampoo. I tend to use this after swimming in the sea or within the pool - it is also great for those who use a lot of styling products and require an occasional deep cleanse. It can also add volume to limp, fine and prone to oil hair types. Lastly there is Paul Mitchell The Conditioner which is a leave in conditioner that should suit all hair types and textures. As this is a leave in conditioner it is important (well at least in my opinion) that it is not only nourishing but light weight at the same time, doesn't feature a heavy unpleasant fragrance and helps to de-tangle my hair. All of which this delivers and more - it conditions my hair beautifully, tames frizz and helps to keep my long, tangle prone locks knot free, not to mention the comb goes through much easier after each wash.

There's a reason why the Paul Mitchell Originals have been around for a long while and that is because they deliver results each and every time. If you are looking to stripping your hair care routine back to the basics this could be the route to take. Above I have linked the large 500ml sizes of each product which retails on Look Fantastic for £14.25 each, the smaller bottles (100ml) which I have photographed above are a little trickier to source online. You can find all local stockists here - link.

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