2014 The Sunday Girl in Review

Like most I am currently snuggled up on the sofa with a belly full of chocolate and not a stitch of make-up on my face. Hey Christmas only comes once a year and when it does I tend to milk the opportunity to be lazy for all it is worth. With that in mind there will be no weekly favourites this week as I haven't really reached for a hairbrush let alone a lipstick. I lead such a glamorous life don't I? What I have done is grabbed all the most read posts of 2014 to create The Sunday Girl in review, if you missed any of the below posts now is the time to catch up. Box of chocolates and pyjamas optional of course...

1, My Party Essentials - With New Years Eve just around the corner this post may be helpful for those on the lookout for a few of tips and tricks be it selecting long wearing make-up or how to create super, silky legs. Truly one of my favourite posts to write.

2, New Beauty Products - A round up of what new and exciting beauty products to expect in 2015. I for one can not wait for a good few launches, especially the new NARS Foundation!

3, My Top 5 Budget Buys of 2014 - Who says make-up has to cost the earth to be great? Not me that is for sure! Here you will find my favourite budget products all of which cost less than £10!

4, Urban Decay De-Slick vs All Nighter - If you have your eyes on either Urban Decay Setting Spray but don't know where to start I have a post comparing the two best sellers. In this post I state which of the sprays are best suited to certain skin types and how I personally make the most of both.

5, MAC Whirl Lip Liner - Kylie Jenner's Lip Shade of Choice - Before it was claimed she used MAC Soar, Brave or Spice the internet was abuzz that MAC Lip Liner in Whirl was what Kylie Jenner used to overdraw her lips. In all honesty I am long past caring and think her lips look ridiculous but do think this is a beautiful shade none the less.

6, The Longest Wearing Lipstick Ever - The title says is it all really, a lipstick that does not budge and is a dream to wear. If only Sephora was a little more accessible for us in the UK!

I can't believe that soon my posts will be dated with a 2015 stamp, where did the year go?