Diptyque Hiver Christmas Candle

I am weak, so very weak. I was lucky enough to receive Diptyque Résine Candle (read the review here) from the Diptyque Holiday Collection as a gift. However all that did was increase my urge to splash out on the Diptyque Hiver Candle and with Space.NK offering free postage my decision was all but cemented with one or two clicks. Fast forward a few days later and my beautiful Diptyque Hiver Candle has arrived and I couldn't be happier. No regrets as they say!

Diptyque's Holiday Collection for 2014 is a beautiful medley of glorious, intricately designed glass holders - in rich shades of blue, red or green depending on which scent you purchase. Each of which when lit illuminates the entire casing ,breathing life into the delicate, golden etchings on each candle. They truly are show stopping. All three scents come in two sizes much like the permanent Diptyque candle range - the smaller size features solid, coloured frosted glass votive holders - each of which has the same golden and white etchings. The larger sizes are similar in design but the main difference is that the candle holders have a gradient effect, and instead of being frosted in finish the glass is glossy. In a word? Beautiful.

"Inspired by the dramatic contrasts of magical midwinter, Diptyque’s Hiver Christmas Candle channels both the invigorating freshness of the biting North wind and the comforting warmth of a roaring log fire. Notes of roasting chestnuts add a festive touch, while cooling balsam cuts through lingering smoky notes, perfectly encapsulating the essence of this enchanting season. 

Normally I am somewhat decent at being able to round up fragrances, in saying what they remind me of and who I think will it etc. Not this time. I am truly stumped. Diptyque Hiver reminds me of something - what I am not sure but it is vaguely familiar and it is killing me not being able to put my finger on it. It is not a traditionally festive scent, rather it has a coolness and almost icy, fresh scent - think of days in which you can see your breathe in the morning. There is a slight green note which is balsam and an almost musky undertone. In a word complex but if you like crisp scents then it is one I would recommend. The official description above pretty much hammers home my thoughts but in a far more elegant way.

Now the million dollar question is do I splurge on Diptyque Spice Candle and complete my collection or not?

Diptyque Hiver Candle £25-£45 via Space.NK - link