E.L.F Beauty Bundle

That's right friends over in the good ol' US of A the cheap and cheerful brand that is E.L.F have recently rolled out a monthly subscription plan much like Glossybox et al but with a difference. Unlike other beauty subscription plans the E.L.F plan is that they only ship out new goodies every 8 weeks rather than on a monthly basis - so once every two months. Let me tell you a little about E.L.F's Beauty Bundle concept...

At $19.99 (£12.89) it is not much more expensive than the leading companies but I have saw a few grumbles about the high shipping rates. Being British I can't really comment as I don't know what passes for cheap or reasonable for that matter p&p overseas but I agree if the shipping works out incredibly expensive it will put me off from the get go.

However having a look at the sample boxes that have been received and reviewed so far they are pretty well stuffed with palettes, brushes and a whole variety of other make-up products. Yes the quality of E.L.F can be a little hit and miss and not at all a brand I turn to all that often but for those who love the brand and are on the look out for a subscription plan that purely provides make-up I can see it being a hit! 

I'm willing to bet it is only a matter of time until it hits the UK!
You can see examples of the boxes and read more on the subscription service via the E.L.F website - link

Yay or nay?