New Crown Brushes Infinity Brushes Photo

I was lucky enough to be gifted the new range of Infinity Brushes from Crown Brush which of course many will know of due to their superbly talented brand ambassador that is Karla Powell .
I am no stranger to Crown Brushes and have reviewed a few way back in 2011 when I first began blogging here - link , crazy to think that was nearly two years ago!

Anyway the new Infinity Collection has been specifically designed to allow you to create flawless looks with ease be it with powder, cream or liquid products and feature super soft bristles which are completely Vegan friendly. All in there is 8 brushes within this line which are reasonably priced starting at £4.99-£16.99, yes the full collection will set you back a little but unless you are a make-up artist most won't have the need for all 8 brushes. As they aren't sold as a set you can pick and choose creating a mini kit that is perfect for you.

New Crown Brushes Infinity Brushes Photo

Before I give you a quick break down on each brush and what I have been using said brush for let me tell you a little more about how they preform in general. As the Infinity range is duo fiber I was a little worried that they would absorb more product than they apply bu that doesn't seem to be the case. Unlike others (mainly MAC) these don't tend to soak up quite as much product but still deliver an air brush finish where liquid/cream products are concerned. It is important to me that brushes wash as well as they preform, I loathe nothing more than a stained brush but as you can see from my images they wash up like new. Yup that's my brushes after a few days of abuse from me and they literally are as good as new!

New Crown Brushes Infinity Brushes Photo

C450 Pointed Foundation Brush - This is of course for applying foundation and due to the tapered edge is rather wonderful for getting into hard to reach areas such as around the nose and under eye area. I have been using this with cream products for full on evening contouring, it applies. A great, large brush that offers precision and has shaved time off my evening make-up routine.

C451 Small Round Buffer Brush  - As the name may suggest this is a smaller face brush and is the perfect partner to cream/gel blushes in my opinion. As it is slighter in size it is great for targeting specific areas such as the cheeks or anywhere else you would using small buffering strokes. Try it with the likes of E.L.F HD Blush ad you'll understand what all the fuss is about.

C452 Flat Foundation Brush - This is my go to foundation brush and works like a dream with any foundation  - trust me I've tried a good few since receiving this brush set. The large flat top allows you to quickly but effectively cover large areas of face and provides an airbrushed effect. By far my favourite brush from the Infinity collection.

C453 Angle Brush - In my opinion everyone who wears blusher should own an angled cheek/face brush of some sort. An angled brush allows you to create the cheekbones you've always dreamed of and with Crown Brushes Angle Brush being so soft and fluffy you'll create a soft and natural look every time. I may use the C450 to apply my cream contour but this is what I use to blend and diffuse my cream contour out.

New Crown Brushes Infinity Brushes Photo

C454 Angled Contour - Essentially this is just a smaller version of the C453 above and what I use for contouring my nose as it can be a little ticker to do with a larger brush. 

C455 Flat Blender - A smaller version of the C452 and perfect for applying concealer or using as a setting brush for small areas. I do only use it to apply and blend out my concealer on blemishes but this is a great multi-use brush.

C456 Pointed Blender - As we use concealer for different reasons and some like myself will use a few concealers in one go it is good to have a few brushes to hand. This is the brush I use to apply and blend out my under eye concealer, the tapered point allows for precision and the soft dual fibers are never harsh on the delicate under eye area.

C457 Round Blender - Up until now I have been using my fingers to apply my eyeshadow primers and bases but truthfully 9/10 times I'm never satisfied with the outcome so this little brush is a complete god send. The flat top lets me quickly apply my base all over my eye in lightening time which is nothing short of a miracle when you have tendencies to sleep in!

Of course all of the above suggestions are just that suggestions and how you use the brushes is completely up to you - in my opinion there is no set rules for make-up brush use.
In all honesty Sigma should be a little worried now as the Crown Brush Infinity Range not only match their price point (in the UK at least) but excel in quality. 

You can purchase the new Crown Brushes Infinity* range directly from Crown Brushes - link
-all of the above brushes were sent for consideration.