Lush Each Peach Massage Bar Photo

I adore Lush from their bath bombs all the way through to their huge chunks of luxury soap and wibbly, wobbly shower jellies. Basically I know that if I walk into a Lush store I am not leaving empty handed.
However I do have a slight issue with some of their products due to the cocoa butter addition to the ingredient list. I've established that I am most likely not allergic to cocoa butter but perhaps have a sensitivity which results in my skin itching should the ratio of cocoa butter be in the high percentile.

Unlike others I don't get to enjoy Lush's Massage Bars in the typical sense but as long as I get to use them in some way or other I am happy. Essentially all of Lush's Massage Bars are solid bars of hand and body moisturisers that you warm up using the natural heat of your body to melt the bar slightly to provide a light and hydrating emollient balm like substance. In the case of Each Peach Massage Bar it is a combination of cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado butter and mango kernal butter which is combined with grapefruit essential oil, sweet wild orange oil, lime oil and mandarin essential to provide an uplifting body moisturiser wither you use it as a massage aide or not. With the dull British weather going no-where soon this year the aforementioned oil blend helps to naturally fight depression, uplift the mind and clear your thoughts - pretty nifty for something most of us use in some way or other on a daily basis.

In my opinion  Lush's Each Peach Massage Bar smells a lot like two of my favourite fruity scents ever Yankee Candle's  Mango Salsa scent and Lush's You've Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Melt-  sweet, bright fruity fragrances and perfect for brightening up a miserable day, weather or otherwise. Not a hint of peach in sight which is a little odd given the name huh?

Anyway back to how I use this, my favourite way to use this is to massage a little onto my feet and then pop on a pair of cotton socks so that I awaken to super soft tootsies. As my feet are completely battered and toughed up by years of dance I can use the cocoa butter formula without awakening to a nasty allergic reaction rash. I also have been known to melt a little in a wax tart burner to turn my bedroom in to a mango scented fruited haven...where there's a will there's a way eh?

Lush Each Peach Massage Bar £5.50/50g* via Lush - link
*product sent for consideration.