Today I decided to bite the bullet and not only sign up for a make-up course in London (more info coming soon) and to prolong my stay by a couple of days.
Why I hear you ask? To shop of course!

I've only been to London a few times but I can safely say that one of my favourite shopping destinations has to be Regent Street, it is a shopaholics dream with brands like Superdry (I adore their new make-up line). There is also the new and very much see brand of the moment & Other Stories which I am simply dying to raid thanks to all the glowing reviews of their make-up line - Moire Green Nail Polish i'm coming for you!
I have also been saving up like a woman possessed to finally replace my lost Michael Kors watch...argh I'm too excited to visit!

Speaking of Regent Street they have a cool new feature Regent Street Hub with a 24/7 home page which is a place for all us social media junkies to share our experiences shopping and other wise however we wish - i'm talking Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest - it is pretty funky as you can see from the above image. Basically all you need to do is sign up  and by using their app and selected hash tags all of which can be found on their community page  and you too will be featured. I'm not going to lie I have spent a good half an hour or so seeing if I can spot anyone I know haha!

I'm sure we can all agree it is a new, innovative and exciting addition to one of the most enjoyable past times shopping and I will be uploading and tagging away as soon as I land in London. I say sign up and become a part of something revolutionary as a serial tweeter and instagrammer I think it is a wonderful to not only share what you have bought (I love a good nosy) but share your experiences!

What are your favourite stores to visit in Regent Street?

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