Despite my sunny disposition (har-har) I loathe Valentine's Day, if you love someone show them everyday
don't send them some half dead roses...not that I'm unveiling my romantic history or anything you understand.
Truthfully I've never had a normal Valentine's Day I just attract the crazies (takes one to know one) and have
had many a bizarre encounter, there was the time when I was a young teenager that a not so secret admirer tied balloons to my front door and scribbled obscene limericks on said door.
There was also the time my friend and I went to see Pete Doherty in concert only for my friend to get clipped  by a passing double decker bus while crossing the road...normality surpasses my life it seems.

So yes not a fan of the day of lurveeee but that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself or a loved one,
above I have sought out some themed products - think roses and you've nailed it!

1, I could do a super cheesy pun that my love for REN is like a red, red rose but I'm not that guy!
REN Rose Otto bath oil is the king of bath oils, so beautifully scented and indulgent.
If new to REN Rose Otto or simply looking to test out a few of the similarly scented products I suggest
picking up the REN Moroccan Rose Experience Gift Set, £32 via REN - link

2, Lush's Valentines collection is available now and one of the products that has caught my eye is The Kiss Lip Tint which is a vegan tinted lip balm that plumps and softens the lips, £5.50 via Lush -link

3, Forget your typical Rose candle Diptyque has gone one step further and blended  two of their  iconic scents: Roses and Baies to create this unique blend. I don't think my life will complete until I hand over the cash for this candle, I don't know what is more appealing the scents or the pretty pink glass? £42 via Space NK -link

4, As Rose seems to be the theme of today it would be tragedy of Greek proportions not to include at least one Rose based fragrance and my choice has to be the light yet true to life scent that is DKNY's Pure Rose. This has yet to launch but you can read all about it here -link

5, If you plan on smooching this Valentine's day you are going to need a good lip balm so you don't leave the poor lad or lady with lip burn (ha not a real thing but it should be!). If that sounds like you then invest in Balance Me's Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve which soothes, plumps and softens the lips. £12 via Balance Me - link

6, Everyone needs a good red lipstick day of love or not and I don't think red's come much better than
the ever famous Ruby Woo by MAC £14 via MAC - link

7, Another Lush product especially created for the day when we are all meant to be romantic is From Dusk til' Dawn Massage Bar, now I'm sure it does the job wonderfully and is beautifully scented thanks to the Ginseng Root Powder but all I see is Chicken nipples.
Now I have never seen a Chicken nipple or know if the exist for that matter but if they do I'm betting they resemble this product! £4.95 via Lush - link

8, So maybe you want to treat yourself to a new lipstick but don't particularly fancy a red shade or a matte finish for that matter, if that sounds like you then head over to Clarins and browse their new lipstick line Rouge Eclat. There is plenty of shades to choose from (15 to be exact) with my personal favourite being
Nude Rose, £18.50 via Clarins - link

9, Tapping into the floral theme but with a fruity edge is Juicy Couture's Viva La Fleur, with a romantically themed bottle who wouldn't be happy to be gifted it? From £47 via House of Fraser -link