They've landed! 
After much hype and anticipation Rimmel Apocalips are now in store priced at £5.99 each,
there is 8 shades in total and as much as I would have loved one of each my current finical state
didn't quite allow for it...that'll teach me to book a sneaky trip away or two!

If like myself you didn't fully understand what exactly the new Rimmel Acocalips are 
or perhaps a little like myself you got blinded but all the fantastic shades and never stopped to read a review in full, let me explain.

Housed inside a rather funky and dare I say space age themed typical lip gloss tube is a mix of lip gloss
and lipstick that is being dubbed a lip lacquer.
Essentially you gain all the pigmentation of a lipstick coupled with the high sheen aspect of a gloss,
minus the sticky tacky feeling that some glossy lip often are guilty of.
On the lips they feel cooling, light, moisturising and very, very creamy with what I would deem a cucumber scent and's yummier than it sounds, trust me!
I haven't fully tested the wear time out having only bought mine yesterday but on average I have so far found
each application to wear for around 2 hours before the glossy finish wears off but they do leave an even semi-matte stain that stays around for another 3 hours or so.

The three shades I bought are as follows :

101 Celestial - A mid tone dusky rose with blue undertones, a great everyday shade
as it will suit most skin colouring's and complement an whole array of make-up looks.

500 Luna - Every collection needs a coral and this is the Apocalips offering, a bright coral that leans slightly more orange than pink and is ever so perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months.
My favourite shade out of the entire surprises there.

600 Nude Eclipse - This is a rather light nude and reminds me of Viva Glam Gaga 2,
it is one of the shades some will have to be careful with as it can look a little corpse/concealer like
but on light-medium complexions it is a great staple nude shade to have at hand.

On a side note in reference to the shade line up, apparently it has been split into three categories,
with selected shades being created for fair skin, others for olive and some for deeper tones.
There was no mention of this on the stand but a cool idea and worth a mention none the less.

Summed up? They are amazing, believe all the hype!
I can hand on heart say that for me and so many others they will become a staple product
and have to be one of the best additions to the Rimmel line up in a long while.
Buy them, buy them all haha!

Rimmel Apocalips are available now from most Rimmel stockists such as Boots and Superdrug
but have yet to creep online to such stores, £5.99/5.5ml