Rose lovers rejoice as February sees the launch of one of the most delicate and realistic rose scents
I have experienced in a long while!

Each bottle of Pure DKNY Rose can be traced back to Turkey’s Isparta valley in the Anatolian flower fields, where the delicate pink hued blossoms of rose damascene variety are harvested and handpicked
at the beginning of each summer - June.
It follows a generations-old process that has virtually been unaffected by modern technology, 
a rare feat in a world that never stops with technology at it's very core.
The resulting fragrance is rose in its simplest incarnation, straightforward yet soft, uncluttered
and a very true representation of a garden rose with none of the heavy or powdery tones you may associate with of an old-fashioned floral fragrance of the past.

There is no other way to describe Pure DKNY Rose other than a light true Rose scent,
that is timeless,simple and elegant yet modern at the same time.
If you are tired of artificial Rose fragrances come February I highly suggest testing out Pure DKNY Rose
as it is close to a real rose in perfume form I have ever encountered and a quick search through my old posts
will show you that is no mean feat as I am a little hooked on Rose products.

Not only is Pure DKNY Rose kind on the nose but it is also very environmentally friendly with a 100%
recyclable bottle and completely biodegradable packaging.
DKNY are also donating to the CARE humanitarian organisation in honour of Pure DKNY Rose's launch.
CARE help women all over the world escape poverty so a very worth cause indeed.

As a side note I have read a good few reviews that are comparing this scent to the pricey 
Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud fragrance so if you are a fan of that all signs point to
that you will adore this scent blend too!

Pure DKNY Rose EDP* 30ml/50ml/100ml - £37/£50/£69 nationwide and launches on the 3rd of February.