Thursday, December 27, 2012

Essie Leading Lady Collection - Review

Massive apologies that it has taken me forever and a day to get this post up of ground
but the plus side is I can include at the end some Christmas sales links to these polishes,
hello bargains!

Within the Leading Lady Collection there is six shades which is still available in selected Boots stores and via Asos etc, I didn't bother purchasing all six as two happened to be plain red creme polishes which don't really
appeal to me but if you do want to see all of the shades in action I can not recommend this blog enough
- link, I'm a little jealous of that lady's nails aren't you?

Beyond Cozy
Can you believe that I nearly passed this shade up?
I deemed it too close to Revlon's Gold Coin which it is but somehow this just a smidgen prettier
and a little more complex thanks to it's cool gold coin that can lean silver in some lights.
To touch this is gritty in texture but it is opaque in two coats and much more sparkly than the photos
let on, I like to team it with a plain black outfit to allow it to dazzle!

Butler Please
I have a huge soft spot for bright cobalt blues especially if they lean a little purple,
needless to say I have quite a good few shades that are similar to Butler Please so no it is not all
that original - if you are looking for a cheap dupe Miss Sporty do a blue that is almost identical - link.
I found Butler Please to be a little streaky but it does even out with three coats, it is not all that glossy
and does dry down to a semi matte finish so you may want to add a glossy top coat.

Leading Lady
At first I was dubious about the addition of another red glitter nail polish as frankly red glitter
is nothing special and once you have one you really don't need another but oh my gosh was I wrong!
Leading Lady is a jelly deep red base that has small flecks of red glitter that in some lights reflect gold.
Unlike other red glitter polishes I own this has a certain depth and maturity to it and deserves a place
in any nail polish collection, by far the stand out shade for me!
For all out glamour try layering it over a deep wine or black base.

Where's My Chauffeur?
I'm not sure why a Christmas/Festive collection has a bright turquoise shade included but I guess the same could be said for Butler Please, I guess it is nice to switch things up one in a while?
Where's My Chauffeur is a great mix of blue and green, creme in formula and opaque in two coats.
 This is one I will be putting aside for the warmer months.

You can pick up the Winter Collection on ASOS which has three out of four of the above shades
and one that I haven't mentioned Snap Happy on sale for £12.50 - link

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  1. i love all the shades, but I was a bit disappointed with leading lady. I loved it at first, but it felt a bit sloppy!

  2. Oh my, i love Leading Lady, Beyond Cozy and Butler Please :X Where's My Chauffeur? has nothing special to it, but it's perfect for spring/summer :D

  3. Leading lady looks like deborah lippman razzle dazzle and the green looks like essie mint candy apple!

    Lovely polishes !;)

  4. The shade 'beyond cozy' is gorgeous

  5. Before I saw that this was on sale I made a deal with myself not to buy any nail polish for awhile. Dammit. They're gorgeous shades. :)

  6. Ahhhh beyond cozy is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm really tempted to get it! x

  7. I literally am in love with this collection, the red is just amazing! I need it in my life!


  8. Beautiful! My favorite is Leading Lady! :)

  9. They are such a beautiful selection, I love the blue... it's not too dissimilar to Nails Inc Baker Street?
    Gem xx


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