Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Essie Madison Avenue Collection - Spring 2013

Images of the next Essie Spring Collection have began to crop up here and there,
while scouring I found some official images and swatches that some may enjoy pursuing.
At the moment the release date is penciled in for March 1st 2013, which seems so far away
but it will be upon us before we know it!

It is really hard to fully say just from the above images but to me the shades all look rather familiar:

Madison Ave-hue - Essie Footloose
Hip-anerna - Essie Bazooka
Avenue Maintain - Essie Butler Please
Go Ginza - Essie Lilacism
Bond with Whomever - Essie Play Date
Maximillan Strasse Her - Essie Chinchilly

I'm not saying my above suggestions are exact dupes as its hard to tell without "real" swatches,
I should also mention that some of my suggestions are limited edition but my real point is
that so far it doesn't look all that exciting, fresh nor new to me.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Omg I neeeed Avenue Maintain in my life!

  2. Maximillan Strasse Her looks nice!

  3. Hip anema looks gorgeous, such a perfect coral-red!


  4. Love Go Ginza! They look lovely.

    Lela -

  5. I hate to say it, but I think the names are rather tacky.

  6. I really wanted to love this collection but it's such a let down! None of the colours bring anything new to the table and in my view they don't capture spring time at all with the selection of shades. The shade names are written in a style more similar to OPI than Essie, I don't particularly find any of the shade names to reflect the colours that well! Oh dear, I don't see this collection selling too well! Great dupe suggestions too, they seem pretty spot on! x

    1. I have to agree with you! All the colors look so familiar. I pretty sure hip-anema is a close cousin to Snap Happy. And Butler Please also and those were just last collection. I was anticipating the new shades but not so much anymore...

  7. I don't own any of the shades you've mentioned but the lilac shade did look quite familiar to me!

    Hopefully they will be a bit different but I would be quite keen to try out Madison Ave-Hue :)

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    Sarah xx


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