O.P.I Save Me

Yesterday I blogged about Nicki Minaj for O.P.I shade Save Me - link
and admitted that the shade was a little disappointing, I felt for a Spring collection
it felt a little late and would perhaps be better suited to a Festive Collection?
I really wanted to make this polish work for me without looking festive.

O.P.I Save Me
O.P.I Save Me
O.P.I Save Me

I tried it layered of a bright neon pink for a Barbie look that Nicki herself would have be proud of,
sadly the blue glitter bars clashed with the pink and looked off.
Then I decided if the blue glitter is going to dominate then it is best to work with it rather than against it!
I layered it over a lilac blue polish from the Miss Sporty Clubbing range - sadly it has no shade name
and I have to admit I'm pretty taken by the results!

Blue glitter nails without going down the snow queen route.
How would you wear O.P.I Save Me?
What are your thoughts on the Nicki Minaj O.P.I Collection?