With the dark cold nights a seemingly permanent feature in the UK you may feel that your skin
is urging you to give it a little more attention and moisture.
Moisture is not a word I like to throw around with my usually oily skin but the cold winds and days
have really zapped my skin of it's excess oil and then some but I have added an extra no fuss
step to my night routine and have seen wonderful results pretty much instantly, well as instantly
as over night can possibly be.

The wonder product that I am waxing lyrical about is none other than Clinique's newest skin care product-
Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask which is of course an hydrating highly hydrating facial mask
that you apply just before drifting off to the land of nod.
To use you simply go about your night routine as normal - night cream, eye cream etc then as a finishing touch you slick on a thin layer of the  Moisture Surge Overnight Mask allow to settle into the skin, pull up the covers and dream about beautiful skin or perhaps Zac Effron...perhaps the last step only applies to me.
You do not rinse this off after a few hours, you simply leave on until you wash the following morning.

I have now used this mask for a little over a week each night but you can use it as often as you need to,
I would imagine when the Spring months roll in that I will be reaching for this on a weekly basis
rather than nightly but I will let my skin dictate for now.

Texture wise this is not too thick, thin nor rich, it is more like a typical day cream in consistency
and can feel a little tacky on the skin until it is fully absorbed which happens within a matter of minutes.
It is light on the skin and will not leave your pillow a greasy product stained mess but will work wonders
on dry, parched skin so much so that after one use I noticed that once awaken my skin looked fresh,
had a slight glow and was by far more hydrated than it was the night before.
Over the course of the week it has rid my skin of the slightly dull cast it had been sporting,
for that reason alone I can not recommend it enough but on mature skins it aims to plump
as well as hydrate and soothe...a winter must have for sure!

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask* 100ml/£28 via Clinique - link
but not on the counters until the 1st of January.