I have already touched on some of my favourite Yankee Autumn/Fall scents in wax tart form - link
but despite how well scented wax tarts can be sometimes only the warm inviting glow of a candle will
do and with that in mind I have bought a few sampler candles by Yankee to enjoy on the crisp, 
chilly nights that Autumn has to offer.

For anyone wonder a Yankee sampler is a small votive candle that burns for up to 15 hours.
As votives liquidise when lit you do have to burn these in a suitable holder but if you don't have 
anything like that to hand a normal drinking tumbler (glass) will suffice.

The six scents I have purchased thus far are:

Yankee Amber Glow
Despite having a sunset image on the packaging this is a wonderful warming scent that is perfect for
the chiller seasons. Yankee Amber Glow is a blend of bright cedar, cypress woods, smooth vanilla and tart juniper berries so it does have a woody aroma but not so much that it is masculine.
I like to burn this in the early evening especially if we are having a late supper as it is relaxing 
but doesn't clash with any natural food scents.

Yankee Farmhouse Apple
Oops another apple scent...I simply can't resist anything apple scented it's an obsession!
Sometimes apple scents can be a little tart and not really something you would want to scent your home
with particularly in the Autumn when most of us will crave a warmer scent.
Farmhouse Apple is a blend of apple and cinnamon that works gloriously well 
and I am not a fan of spice scents in the slightest.

Yankee Fireside
This is a repurchase for me, I purchased this in tart form last year and declared I loathed it.
However after burning it a few times we became buddies and the rest is history.
As Yankee puts it this is a cosy yet rustic scent that mimics firewood and a crackling fire.
In an odd way this always reminds me of the smell in the air of the evenings leading up 
to Bonfire night...or perhaps that is gun powder?

Yankee Granny Smith
I must be the most annoying person on this planet with my apple neediness
but this scent is almost an exact dupe for DKNY's Be Delicious which is one of my most
reached for Autumn fragrances along with my usual beloved Alien.
As you can imagine this is a crisp, green apple fragrance that is fresh and uplifting.

Yankee Treehouse Memories
I must confess that my inner whimsical side bought this without a second thought,
I blame US sitcoms for my Treehouse needs and desires (damn The Simpsons)!
Truthfully I don't understand why this scent would be titled Treehouse Memories
as it has a bizarre scent, it reminds me of Lynx deodorant? 
Anyway it is meant to evoke memories of warm, earthy woods wrapped in sweet, familiar spices evoke memories of crisp Autumn days spent amongst the changing leaves...it doesn't!

Yankee Shortbread Cookie
What kind of Scottish person would I be if I didn't purchase this?
The answer is a terrible one and not worth my weight in Irn-Bru or Highland Toffee!
Typically we eat (by we I mean my family not every Scottish person) this on New Years Eve
when we ring in the bells but as the Yankee scent is a warm almost cookie dough scent 
much like their Vanilla Cupcake and Christmas Cookie scent it is perfect for chilly afternoons
with a cup of tea and a biscuit...perhaps even a slice of Shortbread.

I buy my Yankee products from eBay as I like the variety of scents and more often than not
even with p&p charges it still works out cheaper than my local Yankee retailer.
For this lot I used this seller - link