Today I have another few new releases from MUA, this time it is their version of shimmer bricks
which seems to be something most brands tend to offer, not that I am complaining as I think
everyone should own a shimmer brick product of some sort as they are great multi-tasking products.

Much like most of the products within the MUA line these come presented within smallish black 
and transparent plastic packaging that may not look high end but it more than does the job.
I rather appreciate the transparent window aspect as you can see at a glance the product inside.
Given it's price point of £3 you could do a lot worse and look at the cute little glitter kiss emblem,
I have no idea why I am so enamoured by it but I am!

Within the Shimmer Kiss line there is only two shade options - a blush and bronzer...

Shimmer Kiss Blusher - Pink Shimmer Kisses
This is a quad of four shimmer based pink shades, a deep toned pink shade, a light shell pink,
an ivory shade and a mid toned pink shade. 
You can use the shades individually but I found the formula to be a little too firm and dry
which in my experience did not offer up enough pigmentation to be used alone.
In my opinion this works best when all four shades are combined to form a light candy pink shimmer
blush that will be beautiful on most skin tones but if you find it a little to ashen you could use it as a 
pretty pink highlight. In terms of wear this shade lasts around 6 hours on my skin but does
highlight my enlarged pores which is a little unfortunate.

Shimmer Kiss Bronzer - Bronzed Shimmer Kisses
In this quad you will find a light golden ivory shade, a light peach, a pink toned mauve and an bright
golden toned peach, unlike the blush most of the shades in this palette can be used alone.
The only shade I had problems with was the mauve it is terribly dry and for a deep shade not all that pigmented. You can use this quad as a light peachy toned blush/bronzer as a highlighter
or most of the shades as eyeshadows so for that reason alone I do recommend this over the blush option.
Much like the blusher this does highlight my swimming pool-esque pores and wore for a little
over 6 hours.

The Shimmer Kisses* are available now for £3/7.3g via both the MUA Store - link
and selected Superdrug stores.