I'm sure regular readers of this little blog will more than know by now that one of my favourite things
ever is to scent my humble abode with beautiful home fragrances which differ not only depending
on my mood but also the seasons...I'm a sucker for themes.

A few weeks ago I stocked up on some Autumn scents by Yankee and have slowly tested each scent.
In the past I have had comments asking what wax tarts are and how to use them.
Essentially a wax tart is a solid block of wax that you can either place in whole or break into pieces
and burn in a wax tart burner which is very like an oil burner only they tend to have a large melting bowl at
the top, the heat of a tea light warms and melts the wax which in turn releases the scent.
The reason I often buy tarts is that Yankee often offer more scents in the tart line opposed to their candles.

So on to the scents I have been burning...

Yankee Apple Pie
What would Autumn be without the scent of juicy red apples? 
Even better when baked into a hot apple pie that's what!
This is a warm apple based scent that has a slight vanilla note which is warmed by cinnamon,
it is a very cosy, more-ish scent that is perfect for snuggling up on the sofa with.

Yankee Autumn Lodge
Truthfully this is not my favourite scent and I do find it very masculine,
it is quite woody based and odd as it may seem I can definitely detect a smoky note,
not like cigarette smoke more an open fire that has smoldered away.

Yankee Biscotti
I adore Biscotti (baked twice almond based biscuits) and this is as close as you will get to the
authentic scent of freshly baked Biscotti treats, this is a warm vanilla and almond scent
that will go down well with those that like foodie type scents and one I recommend if you enjoy
Yankees Cupcake type scents.

Yankee Buttermilk Pancakes
You may have noticed a theme most of my tarts thus far have been food based scents,
I don't know about you but when the cooler weather sets in I'm all about home comforts
and that includes plenty of warm comforting foods...sorry thighs!
This is a warm buttery scent that is more reminiscent of sponge cake while baking,
it isn't sugary sweet but quite a strong comforting vanilla based scent.

Yankee Red Velvet
I had high hopes for this scent as Red Velvet Cake is one of my favourite naughty treats
sadly this smells exactly like Yankee's Cupcake scent and although a pleasant enough
sugary vanilla type fragrance it is nothing new and slightly disappointing.

My top tip for Yankee candles/tarts is to use eBay you will be able to source rarer 
and difficult to find scents that are more often than not cheaper than the high street.
I have linked the seller I always use here - link.