A few weeks ago I reviewed Next's new nail polishes - link
and today I have a few pieces from their cosmetic range to share.
Much like the polishes the items are fairly reasonably priced (much lower than I expected)
but they do seem geared towards the teen market if I am entirely truthful which I don't deem
to be Next's target audience? 

Next Bronzer  £4
I quite like the simplistic packaging of the bronzer, truthfully it is a little flimsy and could be an accident waiting to happen but for £4 I have seen much worse presentation.
The bronzer is constructed of four triangle shaped segments, three of which are pigmented and the white/ivory is not. You can use the shades individually if you have a small enough brush or swirl them together to form one solid shade. This bronzer is a little firm in texture so it does require a little effort to use but the plus side is there is limited product fall out if any at all. When the four shades combine they form
a deep reddened bronze shade with a metallic/frost finish. I don't feel this shade is suited to those with lighter skin as it is rather on the dark/ruddy side but like anything else I guess it all boils down to preference.

Next Mascara in Black £5
The packaging is pretty simple but I do like it and the brush inside is a great shape and size
without being one of those moulded plastic numbers so many brands seem keen to inflict upon us haha!
Personally I'm not a fan of the mascara, it claims to add volume but I didn't see any evidence of that.
The main problem is that the mascara is a little too wet and seems to make the lashes clump,
it also smudges and took quite a while to dry.
I understand that given it's price point some may feel I shouldn't grumble but the truth is for a few pound
more you can buy a great mascara that does live up to exceptions.

Next Lipgloss in Blossom £3
In the packaging this appears to be a light pearlescent almost glittery pink lipgloss
and not something that I would consider purchasing but once applied it is actually quite a pleasant
hint of pink and a shade that would look pretty layered over other light pink lip shades.
The gloss does feature a doe foot applicator but it works well with the slightly sticky consistency.
If prizes were given for yummy lip gloss scents this one would come out tops as it has a gorgeous
candy vanilla type fragrance that I personally enjoy.

So in brief the items I tested are pretty much middle of the road, not terrible but not great.
The main problem is that there is so many fabulous budget brands out there that we do expect more
for our money (and why the heck not) and I do feel Next have a long way to go before I can deem it
a really great purse friendly option but that being said their nail polishes are not to be sniffed at.

What do you think?

Next Cosmetics (and nail polishes) are available now in selected Next stores.

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