I'm not terribly great at keeping up with weekly features
but I will share on occasion items that I feel are pretty handy to keep in your hand bag 
for those just in case situations.

I'm forever bemoaning my oily/blemish prone skin but I think all of us at some point
of our lives can relate with the dreaded painful patch of skin which you know
is just preparing the mother of blemishes as a thank you for cheeky minute bar of chocolate
you had the day before!

Well zap that sucker ( I did want to type mother *beeper* but couldn't bring myself to cursing...I'm growing up all) before it can reach it's full potential Mount Everest extent.
When a little red lump begins to rear it's ugly head I fish around in my bag and produce my Witch Skin Care Blemish Stick and begin vigorous applying it to the offending area.
If it was polite and hygienic I would whirl this around on complete strangers faces too
but in Glasgow I don't recommend doing this...I can't see it ending well.

Essentially Witch Skin Care Blemish Stick is a stick of portable astringent that contains alcohol 
and natural Witch Hazel Oil to dry out and stop a blemish in it's tracks with Glycerin to calm the skin.
I'm not going to hail this as an the answer to our spotty prayers but it does remarkably reduce the size
of any blemishes when slicked on before it fully develops.
Random fact - it does smell very akin to Vodka.

As it contains alcohol it can be slightly drying but with my oily skin I don't find it all that troublesome,
what I will say is that yes I do use this on the go but it does remove any make-up from the area
you apply it to, a small price to pay for reduced blemish sizes and quicker healing times.
It does tingle a little on application and has a slight alcohol scent but like I said
i'd take that any day over a small volcano on the tip of my nose (yep true story).

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Witch Skin Care Blemish Stick* 10g/£2.86 but currently 1/2 price via Superdrug - link