I have used MAC Studio Finish Concealer on and off over the years for my dark circles
and for covering blemishes both old and new (damn you teenage acne scars)
but never really thought to review or share my thoughts on it.
I've just replaced my old and finished pot I thought now would be as good a time as any!

I use shade NW25/30 in the Summer and NW20 in the winter,
the reason for the NW choice instead of my usual NC selection is that the peachy tones in the NW
shades help to neutralize and essentially cancel out the blue tones that often are present with dark circles.
I recall learning this tip/fact and feeling like my world had been changed...it's the little things in life eh?

This is a fairly thick concealer so do be careful when applying especially under the eyes as it can crease
if you are a little heavy handed, I'm very guilty of this so to stop myself caking it on I lightly dab this on
using my ring finger and then blend out using a concealer brush before setting with powder.
I do recommend using a dusting of powder to set as it can cake/crease without it but then again
that could be my oily skin to blame!

Above is NW20 and I have used my mole as a coverage reference as always.

In terms of wear this pretty much stays put all day when set properly - watery eye days aside.
I use this pretty much daily and find it to still be going strong after 8 hours of wear.
As this is not the cheapest concealer out there especially in the UK/AUS where the price conversions
aren't the best, I'm sure most will be wondering roughly how long one pot when used daily typically lasts me?
I can happily say a little over two months which isn't too bad all things considered.
I like to tell myself that with the Back to MAC programme (return 6 empty full size MAC products and you get a free lipstick in the UK/IRE, only continents offer various products) programme i'm getting a little something back twice a year in the form of a new lipstick...hello two new lipsticks!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer £14.50/7G via MAC - link

Do you use MAC Studio Finish Concealer?
What are your thoughts?