A few posts back I have spoken about the MO-NOGO-TAS Body Sprays - link to review
but I was also lucky enough to receive a Mora (blackberry) lip balm by the same brand in my Spanish swap
with Papish and let me tell you it is one yummy softening treat!

Not that anyone really needs to know or cares for that matter but I spend a lot of my life on the phone
sorting this and that and as much as I love potted lip balms they can be a little messy especially
on the go...I mean the last thing I want is lip balm all over my phone and face!
So when out and about I always carry a squeeze style tube of lip balm to add a little nourishment
and if it adds a little sheen or colour kick then that is a bonus!

The  MO-NOGO-TAS Mora lip balm comes simply packaged in a white a lilac tube
with a little angled nozzle for easy application and no waste!
The balm itself is slightly cloudy in colour by goes on clear, is thick in texture
without feeling heavy or sticky and adds a light glossy finish with a yummy berry scent.

I'm not going to claim it is a wonder product that will solve all of your lip woes
but it does a really great job of hydrating the lips and is wonderful over other lip products.

Sadly this is a Spanish product but if you are lucky enough to visit Spain any time soon then
you must keep an eye out for this brand as it truly is a new favourite of mine
and I am reassured that it is budget friendly too!