Monday, August 27, 2012

MO-NOGO-TAS Body Sprays - Review

A few summers ago a good friend of mine went on holiday to the one of the Canary Islands,
memory slips me of which exact one it was and brought me back a MO-NOGO-TAS
Coconut body spray which I absolutely adored and swore the next time I was in Spain
I would bring back all the coconutty goodness I could carry!
The only problem is although I visit Spain annually I have never been able to source the MO-NOGO-TAS
since, that was until the lovely Spanish Papish agreed to a beauty swap and sent five whole bottle
of fruity fun my way and I could not be happier if I tried!

Much like The Body Shop body sprays that I adore the MO-NOGO-TAS versions are presented
within glass bottles and are dispensed using a natural spray function.
The packaging is simply but wholly effective and I find the little scalloped edge to be utterly adorable.
Although the bottles are glass I have yet to smash one and the same applies with the Body Shop versions
and I am pretty clumsy on the whole!

I'm unsure of just how many scents there is exactly in the line as some appear to be seasonal
and/or limited edition but I have five Co-Co, Vanilla, Melon, Mango and Manzana
which I will give you a quick scent description of below.

Co-Co - Is of course a coconut based scent, to me it reminds me of Coconut ice-cream
as the scent is light yet creamy, definitely one for coconut fragrance fans.

Vanilla - This is a young, cute fragrance and perhaps more artificial than some may be used to.
In my opinion this is a sugary sweet vanilla that reminds me of the scent many brands use as a cupcake scent.
If you recall the old 90's cupcake dolls then you will know exactly what I mean...damn I miss those!

Melon - I never in my wildest dreams thought I would adore a Melon fragrance but I do!
This is a fresh zesty scent that is perfect for warm days as it is so light yet bright 
without being sickly sweet, again it is a little artificial but gosh can it brighten a dull day!

Mango - Yes I can detect the light Mango notes in this scent but in my opinion it is a dead ringer for
Escada Rockin' Rio which is one of my favourite summer scents EVER! MO-NOGO-TAS Mango
is a bright fruity based scent that somewhat reminds me of fruit salad and again isn't sickly sweet.

Manzana - If like me your Spanish is rusty Manzana translates to Apple, 
Manzana by MO-NOGO-TAS is another fragrance dupe only this smells almost identical to
DKNY Be Delicious original which again is a firm favourite of mine.
If you enjoy crisp green scents this is one you must check out!

I found all of the five scents I have been testing to be fairly long lasting considering they
are body sprays and not marketed as proper perfumes.
I apologise if this post is more beneficial to my Spanish readers than anyone else
but at least this way should you ever be in Spain and spot these you know to give them a test! 

Have you tried any of the MO-NOGO-TAS scents?

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  1. These look AMAZING!! Especially mango and melon!! Ah I wish I had a spanish pal to buy some for me haha! xxx

    1. Haha they are amazing :) you know what to look for next time you are in Spain :)

  2. Love the bottles. I always prefer glass packaging. Shame we cant get them in the UK but next time I'm in spain I'll be on the prowl for these.

    1. Me too, it just feels and looks more chic don't you agree :)
      yes next time you are in Spain I insist you try these :)

  3. Yeah, I'm spanish and I use the apple monogotas, it´s like DKNY :)

    1. You are very lucky to be able to pick these up all the time :)

  4. These sound gorgeous! I love the sound of the melon and coconut ones x

  5. I think beauty swaps are such a nice concept. Something so simple and yet it makes you so happy.

    1. I couldn't agree more :) it's so fun to try out products that aren't local to you too!

  6. Haha! Sooooo happy you liked each and every one of them :) I didn't know Manzana was a dupe of DKNY! O_o I'll give it a try, maybe :P

    There are more scents, Mora (blackberry), Pera (pear), Fresa (strawberry), Chocolate (chocolate) and I think another one I can't remember now... Do you want any other to try or a backup? :P

    1. Happy is an understatement I seriously can not thank you enough you have made my year :)

      Yes please try the apple one it is soooo yummy!

      I may take you up on the offer of the pear and blackberry in the future as those sound scrumptious!

  7. I love them! I'm Spanish and I love the Melon one, you sould've tried the Mora (blackberry) one, it smells soooo good!Also they're very cheap! I'm glad you love them!


    1. You are so lucky :) oh that does sound yummy! I shall have to try that :)

  8. These look lovely :)I love fruity scented sprays x

    1. Me too, the body shop do similar ones :)

  9. I'm spanish, and i use it too! i love it ! especially melon and mora, uhmmm

  10. I'm from Canary Island, Spain, you can find these sprays next time you come to Spain in Mercadona, it is a supermarket, and the sprays are really cheap, 2-3 euros, at the market have an amazing make up and body collection, you should try body butters or lipsticks from Deliplus collection. Mercadona is all over the country

    1. oh wow, i will keep my eyes on the mango one. this is a bargain at 2-3 euros. love everything adrienne. nearly called you denise, there. again! lol
      liloo/@tsunimee xx


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