Say what, springs to mind!
When I think of the term holographic the first image the pops into my head is GOSH's holographic
nail polish but I think that is purely because it was such a nightmare to source the first time it
was launched and for that reason alone it will always haunt my memory bank!
Sadly Essence's Holographic Eyeshadow isn't quite as complex as the silver rainbow that holo nail
polishes tend to be but it a really great shade and pretty diverse too!

Although Essence is a budget brand and one of the lowest priced brands on in the European market,
the packaging isn't completely an after thought.
Yes Essence favours transparent plastic casings but the selling point for me is that you can instantly see
what shade/s are housed inside and if past experiences dictate it is pretty robust,
which is all I ever really expect!

Essence's holographic eyeshadow's are an addition to their regular line which boasts an impressive
28 shade range two of which are holographic - this may be incorrect so do feel free to correct me in 
the comments section, I'm only going on what I have read online as Essence isn't sold within the UK.
The shade I have in shade 43 Mystic Lemon, which in pan form is a slightly off white shade
with a slight golden undertone basically in the pan it looks almost identical to MAC Nylon
yet swatched it becomes a bright, light golden yellow that is almost identical to NARS Albatross highlighter.

If there was ever a suit all shade Mystic Lemon would be it,
it will show up on each and every skin tone despite not being the most pigmented product out there.
That being said the colour pay off is more than fine and despite being a little prone to product fall out 
I incurred no problems - it blends well and can be layered on without caking.
For me the selling point of this particular shade is that you can use it on both your eyes
or cheeks as a beautiful highlight shade that dupes wonderfully well that of a much higher priced product.
I do recommend using a primer as without it this product only wore for around 5 hours.

Essence aren't currently available in the UK as of yet but you can pick up most products on eBay
fairly cheaply, this seller stocks a huge range of their eyeshadows for under £3 each - link